Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild: How To Enter

January 28, 2023

Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild is a landmark you can find while exploring Athia in the latest video game published by Square Enix.

When you reach the landmark, if you manage to enter the tower located here and kill the enemy inside, you’ll receive a Nail Desing as reward. You can also find all sorts of loot scattered in the tower.

However, the entrance to the building is locked, and you may have problems finding your way in.

As such, you should check the following guide to easily learn how to enter the Middle Praenost Kloros Guild in Forspoken.

Where To Find The Middle Praenost Kloros Guild

First, you have to make your way to the Middle Praenost area on the west side of the Praenost region, as you can see on the following map.

Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild Location

When you reach the spot, look for a tall tower; below, you have the zoomed-in map with the exact location marked on it.

Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild How To Reach

As you’re about to find out, your screen will get darker when you get really close to the Forspoken Kloros Guild.

This means there is at least one Nightmare enemy close by (inside the tower), and you need to kill all of them if you want the reward for clearing the landmark.

The problem is that the building’s door is locked, and you need to find an alternative way to get in.

How To Enter Middle Praenost Kloros Guild In Forspoken

To enter Kloros Guild, make your way to the tower’s eastern wall, face it and look up.

You should see a balcony with a big rock in front of it, like in the next image.

Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild How To Enter

As you can guess, you can reach the balcony from the said rock, but you need to have the Zip ability unlocked.

You’ll learn this ability only after dealing with Tanta Sila.

Once you’re all set, you need to first get on top of the smaller rock to the north of the balcony.

Go near the smaller rock, aim at it and press the square button on your PlayStation controller to use Zip. You can also hold the square button to aim more precisely.

If you can’t grapple to the rock, change your position until you can.

After you make it up, use Zip again to get on the close taller rock to the east.

Now, use Zip yet again to get on the rock in front of the tower’s balcony, which we’ve mentioned above.

And finally, use Zip one last time to reach the balcony and enter the Forspoken Middle Praenost Kloros Guild tower.

Explore the building looting everything, and kill the Nightmare enemy.

You can now open the door to get outside and move on with exploring Athia because you’re done with Middle Praenost Kloros Guild.

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