One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa: Where To Find The Old Tohbo And Some Metal

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January 18, 2023

Rebuilding Dressrosa is a fetch side quest you will encounter in the Dressrosa City Area, where you will help fix the city by providing the necessary materials: lumber and metal.

But, to obtain the said materials in the Rebuilding Dressrosa side story, you must travel to another Memoria and talk to the right NPCs.

Hence, follow this guide to learn how to complete the Rebuilding Dressrosa side quest in One Piece Odyssey in a few simple steps.

How To Start Rebuilding Dressrosa Side Story In One Piece Odyssey

To begin the Rebuilding Dressrosa quest, you’ll have to finish the main story and return to the Dressrosa City Area.

Then, head to the southeast corner of the map and look for a big guy with a gray vest between the General Store and the Save Point.

We’ve also marked NPC’s location on the map below.

One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Side Story Location

After you speak with the big guy, you’ll learn that he is Franky’s acquaintance by the name of Tohbo from the Water Seven City, and he moved here to help fix the town.

But he doesn’t have the necessary materials, so you’ll have to gather them.

Old Tohbo Location In Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest

After you finish talking to the Ship Carpenter Tohbo, return to the Strange Place and travel to the Water Seven Memoria.

Then, open the map and use Yoisa Travel to reach the Dock One area. Head to the Material Depot in the southern part of the map and speak to Old Tohbo, who will give you the lumber you need.

You can find Old Tohbo’s location on the map below.

One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Old Tohbo Location

How To Get Some Metal In One Piece Odyssey

The second part of the Rebuilding Dressrosa side story is to get some metal, which can be found in the Franky Family’s hideout.

To reach Franky Family’s hideout, open the map and fast-travel to the Sewer Entrance Yoisa sign.

Then, get to the elevator in the southeast corner of the map and use it to reach basement level two.

Leave the elevator, take the first left, go up the stairs and enter through the door on the right to reach Franky Family’s hideout.

One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Get Some Metal Location

Speak with the Franky Family Follower under the catwalk, who will let you take as much metal as you want. It’s Franky’s stash, after all.

Go back to the Ship Carpenter Tohbo in the Water Seven City Area to complete the Rebuilding Dressrosa side quest and to receive the following as a token of appreciation:

  • 1 General Store Gift
  • 3 Zoro’s Cube Fragments
  • 74,000 Berries

If you have trouble completing the remaining side stories, check our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here for more helpful guides.

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