One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet: Where To Find Neline

January 19, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet is one of the side stories available in the Dressrosa City Area, where you’ll have to do some detective work and track down an NPC.

Throughout the Someone I Must Meet side quest, you’ll help Sorrowful Poppy to find her boyfriend, Neline, who’s now a member of the Donquixote Family.

Finding Neline can be challenging without proper guidance because he’s hiding around the New Royal Plateau, a maze created by the ruins.

As a result, in the following guide, we will explain how to navigate the New Royal Plateau and where to find Neline during the Someone I Must Meet side story in One Piece Odyssey.

How To Start Someone I Must Meet Side Story In One Piece Odyssey

The quest giver, Poppy, can be found in the southwestern part of Dressrosa City Area, near the Square, At Fountain Yoisa Travel sign. We’ve marked Poppy’s location on the map below.

You’ll find her wearing a yellow dress and crying near the southern part of the Coliseum.

One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet Side Story Location

Talk to the weeping woman to accept the Someone I Must Meet side quest.

Where To Find Neline In Someone I Must Meet Side Quest

As you talk to her, you’ll learn that her boyfriend, Neline, joined the Donquixote Family, and now he’s hiding on the other side of a child-sized hole at the New Royal Plateau: 1st Level.

Open the map, select the New Royal Plateau: Bottom, and fast-travel to N.R.P. 1F Camp. From the camp, follow the path marked in the image below to reach the first location where Neline might be.

One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet First Neline Location

Speak to the NPC by the name of Soldier Ekie, who will get spooked by Brook, and a fight will commence.

After you defeat him and his crew, you’ll learn that Neline is not here, and he might be hiding between two blue walls somewhere around the second level of the New Royal Plateau.

The location mentioned by Soldier Ekie is at the top right corner of the New Royal Plateau: Bottom map, near the Save Point. You can find the exact location on the map below.

Make your way through the ruins of the New Royal Plateau using the bridges created by Franky during the main story to reach the marked location.

One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet Second Neline Location

There, you will find another Donquixote Family soldier named Dejide, who will start a fight at the end of the conversation.

Once you take him and his crew out, you’ll learn that Neline went further ahead, and he probably made it to the third level of the New Royal Plateau, near the Spike Canyon.

To reach the said location, open the map, select New Royal Plateau: Top, and fast-travel to N.R.P. Sunflower Field, where we planted the mystery seeds during God Usopp 2 side story we’ve covered here.

Then, follow the path west and climb down the cliff using the spikes while playing as Luffy. At the bottom of the cliff, you’ll find another soldier, who is, in fact, Poppy’s boyfriend, Neline.

One Piece Odyssey Someone I Must Meet Third Neline Location

When you first talk to him, he will start a fight like the others.

After you calm him down by beating him, Neline will tell you that he wants to protect Poppy from the world if anyone finds out he was a Donquixote Family and asks you to lie for him and tell Poppy that he died.

Return to Poppy near the Square, At Fountain Yoisa Travel sign, and tell her the truth to complete the Someone I Must Meet quest in One Piece Odyssey.

As a reward for all the help, you’ll receive the following items:

  • 1 Nostalgic Necklace
  • 3 Sanji’s Cube Fragments
  • 37,000 Berries

But feel free to check our Wiki Hub here to find and complete more sides stories in One Piece Odyssey.

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