Star Wars Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern Collectibles Locations

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May 20, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern is an area that connects Foggeg Expanse with Imperial Post 8L-055, and it features four collectibles you need to obtain if you’re aiming for 100% completion on planet Koboh.

Here is a list of the Marl Cavern collectibles:

  • 1 Essence
  • 1 Databank
  • 1 Force Tear
  • 1 Treasure

The problem is that to get all four collectibles, you’ll need to use the BD-1 Electro Dart and the Upgraded Ascension Cable abilities.

No worries, both abilities get unlocked as you progress with the main story, and if you can’t find the SW Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern collectibles, make sure to check the following guide.

Koboh Marl Cavern Collectibles Locations Map

On the following map of the Marl Cavern area, we’ve marked the locations of the four collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern Collectibles Locations Map

Furthermore, we’ll provide additional instructions on how to reach each collectible.

Collectible #1 (Storage Tanks Databank): Near An Edge

First, head to the Fogged Expanse Meditation Point, go up the slope next to it, climb on the vines, and once up, go to the metal platform to the right.

You now need to shoot an Electro Dart at the blue fuse in the building to the left.

Assuming you’ve already unlocked the ability, press - GameClubzDown on your PlayStation/Xbox controller, then - GameClubzRight.

Now aim at the fuse, then shoot the Electro Dart by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz to get the wall to the right to come closer so you can run on it and reach the other side.

However, be careful how you time your jumps because the wall will shortly get back to its initial position.

Once on the other side, move forward to get to another gap you can cross by jumping, then grappling to the cliff in front.

Now grapple again, this time to the ledge on the left side, and go forward to enter the SW Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern area through the metal door.

You’ll shortly reach the edge, and some tanks on the right side you need to scan to get credit for the first collectible, the Marl Cavern Databank.

First Collectible Is Obtained By Scanning Some Storage Tanks Near An Edge

Collectible #2 (Priorite Shard Treasure): On A Crate Next To Some Vines

Upon obtaining collectible #1, drop down from the ledge near the tanks and turn left.

You should be able to see the second collectible, the Marl Cavern Treasure, on a crate next to the vines.

Second Collectibles Is Located On A Crate Next To Some Vines

Collectible #3 (Fractured Power Force Tear): Under Three Lights

To continue, you must climb on the vines next to collectible #2 and head to the right to spot another fuse.

Shoot an Electro Dart in this fuse as well to lower a wall you can run on.

It’s parkour time; use the several walls to run and jump from one to another to eventually reach a metal platform you must grapple to.

From the platform, look for a floating machine to which you need to grapple and then jump to the lighted cliff below.

You’ll find the next Star Wars Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern collectible, a Force Tear, under the lights, as shown in the next image.

To complete the Force Tear challenge, you need to interact with it and defeat all the enemies.

Third Collectible Is Found Under Three Lights On A Cliff

Collectible #4 (Health Essence): On A Cliff

For collectible #4, you must get back to the metal platform from before with the help of the floating machine again.

Now run on the wall to the right to reach the other side of the gap, then jump to the platform below (next to the fuse), and you should be able to see the last collectible on the cliff in front.

Get to the cliff by running on the walls to the right and collect the Marl Cavern Essence.

Fourth Collectible Is Located On A Cliff Near Some Walls You Can Run On

Well done, our Jedi friend! You’ve obtained all four Star Wars Jedi Survivor Marl Cavern collectibles, but don’t hesitate to check our Wiki Hub Page here if you want more helpful guides.

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