Star Wars Jedi Survivor Swindler’s Wash Force Tear Location

by Vlad
May 7, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Swindler’s Wash Force Tear is a bit different than any other Force Tear Challenge we’ve covered so far as part of our Wiki because it features a platforming challenge named Fractured Resolve.

While not necessarily hard to find, the Swindler’s Wash Force Tear can become problematic when it comes to the Challenge you must complete because when you first enter the area known as Swindler’s Wash, you’ll be missing one ability that can make Fractured Resolve Challenge a lot easier.

To help you reach 100% completion in Swindler’s Wash, in the following guide, we’ll tell you where to find the hidden Force Tear and also provide several hints and tips on how to beat the Fractured Resolve Puzzle Challenge.

Koboh Swindler’s Wash Force Tear Location Map

Let’s start with the location of the Force Tear collectible in the Swindler’s Wash area of the Star Wars video game developed by Respawn Entertainment; and as you can see on the following map, the Challenge is found on the lowest level of the canyon in this region.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Swindler’s Wash Force Tear Map Location

Since the location of the Force Tear is accessible early in the game, head to the spot marked on our map and follow the river until you’ll find a waterfall.

Force Tear #1 (Fractured Resolve): Behind The Waterfall

The Swindler’s Wash Force Tear is found behind the waterfall; however, it’s worth knowing that it may not spawn for some players.

If that’s the case, then you’ll have to progress through the story and return to this area later.

Now, check behind the waterfall to see the glowing purple rift, which allows you to start the Fractured Resolve Challenge.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Swindler’s Wash Force Tear Location Guide

As mentioned, Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fractured Resolve Challenge is best approached a bit later, after you unlock the Dash ability.

This platforming Challenge can be completed without Cal’s Dash, but you’ll have to rely only on his jump and double-jump skills. With the Dash ability, you’ll be able to cross over bigger gaps, thus moving a lot faster toward the end of the section.

Here are several tips for completing the Fractured Resolve faster:

  • The timer in the upper left corner of the screen serves no purpose. It exists only to put pressure on you, so feel free to ignore it.
  • The idea of this Challenge is to reach the other side of the course without being hit by the moving red forcefield.
  • When the Challenge starts, move towards the first large platform as quickly as possible and remain on the left side. Wait until the forcefield passes your location.
  • From the first platform, use Cal’s dash to reach the first slide, but make sure you remain on the left side.
  • Once the next forcefield passes, while sliding, switch sides and stay on the right side until the end of the course.

And that’s it! After you jump over the last gap, look on the left side to see the yellow exit point.

That’s how you complete the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Swindler’s Wash Force Tear Challenge or the Fractured Resolve Puzzle, but if you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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