Starfield Last Will and Testament: Should You Pick Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston

by Vlad
September 7, 2023

Starfield Last Will and Testament is a decision-based mission you’ll get to play after reaching Akila City in the latest video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, and it involves a property or a house with an unusual history.

The Last Will and Testament mission in Stafield is relatively short; however, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to figure out what to do with Sahar Hasanov’s will or what happens to the Langston Manor in Akila City.

Obviously, before deciding what to do with the said will, first, you’ll need to find it, and in the following Starfield Last Will and Testament walkthrough, I’ll guide you to its location and also tell you what is the best choice you can pick when it comes to deciding if you should give it to Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston.

How To Start the Last Will and Testament Mission in Starfield

The Last Will and Testament side-mission in Starfield starts randomly when you get to Akila, which you’ll also visit during the Late Bloomer mission you begin in New Atlantis.

After getting to Akila City, you’ll meet a city guard who will tell you about a hostage situation, thus starting the Job Gone Wrong mission. At this point, you should focus on saving the hostages and dealing with the bank robbers, as we’ve explained in our Starfield Job Gone Wrong walkthrough.

Now, feel free to return to the city guard by the entrance and interact with him several times to start various activities and missions. One of them should be the Last Will and Testament.

Starfield Last Will and Testament starts in Akila City.

After starting the mission, make sure you track it in your journal, and you’ll be asked to find Mayor Cartwright.

Elias Cartwright, or Mayor Cartwright, is found in the upper section of the city on a balcony near The Rock building. If you don’t get the mission from the city guard, you can also approach Elias directly.

Mayor Elias Cartwright is found on a balcony in the central area of Akila City.

When talking to Elias, you’ll notice that he is pretty friendly and eager to share with you the history of Akila City.

Take your time and ask him all your questions if you want; however, for the Last Will and Testament mission, your objective is to discuss the manor or house owned by Frank Langston.

Long story short, Elias wants Frank Langston gone because he is an outsider and lives in a house (Hasanov Manor) with historical value.

According to Elias, Frank is a slick rude Neon corporate hack who doesn’t belong to a place like Akila City. Obviously, this is not a reason to kick Frank out of his own house, and since the Hasanovs don’t have an heir, it means that nobody can claim the manor.

Luckily, Elias Cartwright knows the story of Sahar Hasanov, who left Akila City 40 years ago, moving to a farm outside the city. Sahar died after being attacked by Ashtas; however, Elias believes she left a will after all.

If you manage to find the will, Elias could have leverage into forcing Frank outside his manor. So, your next objective is to get to Sahar’s Farm.

Starfield Sahar Hasanov’s Will Location

To get your hands on Sahar Hasanov’s will in Starfield, first, you must get to Sahar’s Farm, found on Akila Planet.

To get there, open your map, rotate the planet, and select Sahar’s Farm. Press and hold X to travel to the selected destination.

Sahar's Farm in Starfield is found on Planet Akila

Upon reaching Sahar’s farm, get ready because you’ll need to deal with several Ashtas. These wolf-like creatures are fairly easy to dispatch, so clear the area around the farm.

Now, enter the courtyard (you can jump over the wall) and find the door leading inside the building.

Sahar Hasanov’s will in Starfield is found inside a yellow storage box (chest/crate) in the kitchen area (pictured below).

Starfield Sahar Hasanov’s Will is in the kitchen.

After obtaining the will, it’s time to return to Akila City and decide what to do with it.

Starfield Last Will and Testament Choices And Rewards

Before we discuss the best Starfield Last Will and Testament mission choice, it’s worth knowing that regardless of what Elias claims, he is wrong because Frank Langston bought the mansion in good faith, like any other buyer.

Furthermore, no matter what the will says, Frank Langston is the rightful owner of the house because when he bought it, the will did not exist. So unless Elias returns his money, Frank gets to keep his house. The problem is that Frank also tries to avoid a conflict with Elias by bribing you.

Since both of them want to take advantage of you, the best choice here is to get the most Credits from them.

So, you have the following choices:

  • Give the will to Elias
  • Give the will to Frank

Option #1: Give Hasanov’s Will to Elias Cartwright

Should you decide to give Hasanov’s will to Elias Cartwright in Starfield, you’ll have to get back to him and tell him that you find it.

In exchange, you’ll receive around 2500 Credits and XP. This allows Elias to find a lawyer to kick Franks out of his house just because he doesn’t like slick, rude Neon corporate hacks.

Option #2: Give Hasanov’s Will to Frank Langston

The second option here is to give the will to Frank Langston, but first, you’ll have to find him; therefore, head to the second objective marker on your screen, and it will lead you to Langston Manor on the other side of The Rock building in Akila (opposed to Elias’ location).

Frank Langston is found inside the Langston Manor.

When talking to Frank, pay attention to his side of the story and mansion the will you just found. He’ll offer to buy it from you for 10,000 Credits.

If you choose to give Frank the will, you’ll also have to return to Elias and lie by telling him you didn’t find it. In exchange, you’ll receive an additional 5,000 credits. That is double what he gives you if you find it!

Even though this is morally incorrect because none of the NPCs are correct, the best choice for you is to get the most credits out of their pockets. So, give the will to Frank Langston and lie to Elias.

And that’s it! Now you know what’s the best choice in Starfield Last Will and Testament mission and how to get 15,000 Credits from Elias Cartwright and Frank Langston.

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