Starfield A Tree Grows in New Atlantis: Where To Find the Bio-Sensors

by Vlad
September 1, 2023

While exploring New Atlantis, or the first large city you’ll discover in Starfield; you’ll come across a strange NPC named Kelton Frush, who needs your help retrieving several Bio-Sensors as part of A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission.

At first sight, Kelton Frush seems to be a regular scientist; however, he is more than that, and if you pay attention to the missions you get from him, you’ll find out that this NPC has some serious personality disorders.

To discover them, however, first, you’ll want to complete his first mission, which is an accessible fetch quest you’ll unlock after you land in New Atlantis. Basically, all you need to do is to find and retrieve 4 Bio-Sensors for Kelton Frush.

To help you with this task, I’ll tell you where to find them in the following Starfield A Tree Grows in New Atlantis walkthrough.

How To Start A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Mission in Starfield

To be able to start A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission in Starfield, first, you must complete the One More Step main mission and get to meet Sarah Morgan, the Chair of Constellation.

The main mission allows you to unlock most regions in New Atlantis, and as you explore them, you’ll be prompted to talk to a scientist by a tree. The said scientist is Kelton Frush, who is found near a fairly large tree in Mast District.

To get to Kelton Frush, activate your Hand Scanner by pressing LB on your Xbox controller, then press RB to open the Surface Map. Finally, select the Mast District to fast travel to the selected location.

After you arrive, follow the ramp ahead, and you’ll spot the impressive tree in the picture below. Close to its roots, you’ll see Kelton Frush or the scientist you are looking for.

Starfield A Tree Grows in New Atlantis is a mission you can start by talking to Kelton Frush in Mast District.

When talking to Kelton, he’ll tell you he can’t be distracted because he is investigating something. Go ahead and ask him what is wrong, and he will tell you that he is studying the giant tree, which presents some worrying signs.

He won’t offer other details unless you agree to help him. Play safe and agree to help without asking for additional credits. Simply tell him that you’d love to help him, and he’ll tell you about several Bio-Sensors he planted in fixed locations to gather data about the local flora. Kelton wants you to collect all Bio-Sensors and bring them back to him. Let’s see where they are.

A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Bio-Sensors Locations

The first Starfield Bio-Sensor is in The Lodge area. Use the fast-travel option to get to The Lodge, then while facing the city, turn right and move along the fence. You should be able to spot the Bio-Sensor near a large tree similar to the one investigated by Kelton (pictured below).

The first Starfield Bio-Sensor is in The Lodge area.

For the second Bio-Sensor, you have to retrieve, access the New Atlantis map, and fast-travel to the Residential District.

Once you arrive, cross the plaza in front of you, and you’ll see the large Apollo Tower building. Go around it, and you’ll notice a beautiful pond in the back. Next to it is another tree and the second Bio-Sensor.

The second Bio-Sensor is behind the Apollo Tower in the Residential District.

Great job! Now, head back to the Residential District fast-travel point you visited earlier and look around the park to spot the third Starfield Bio-Sensor, but this one is in a tree, not on the ground.

Jump by pressing Y on your Xbox controller and pick it up.

The third Starfield Sensor is in a tree.

Finally, for the fourth Bio-Sensor, you have to do some extra work. Start by using your map to fast-travel to the New Atlantis Commercial District.

After you arrive, head left and follow the ramp leading to the large Valberg Building. On the terrace, you’ll find a kid named Jorden Anchali.

To get the last sensor talk to Jorden Anchali.

When you talk to him, he’ll ask you if you are looking for eggs like him. It’s easy to understand that Jorden believes that the Bio-Sensors are eggs, most likely because they are white and they actually look like eggs. So, Jorden found the fourth Bio-Sensor.

Tell him that you are looking for Bio-Sensors, not eggs, and he’ll tell you that if he finds one, he’ll let you know. Don’t try to convince the kid that the eggs are bio-sensors because there is no need. He’ll still tell you that the egg (Bio-Sensor) he found was bought by Ms. Weng Tseng, who runs the UC Distribution. This means that you’ll need to see her next.

How To Get the Sensor From Wen Tseng

Luckily, the UC Distribution Center in Starfield is pretty close to your location. All you need to do is head down the Valberg Building terrace and go around the lake nearby.

Look for a white building with the UC logo on its windows. On top of it is a large sign which reads Distribution Center.

Head inside, and you’ll find Wen Tseng behind a counter.

Wen Tseng is found in the Commercial District.

When talking to Wen Tseng, ask her if she bought an egg recently, then tell her that it’s sensitive scientific equipment. Now, Wen Tseng agrees to give it to you if you agree to pay 100 Credits.

Obviously, you can try to persuade her, but since the amount is relatively small, you may want to agree to pay what she is asking. Keep in mind that you’ll get 2000 Credits for completing A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission, so you’ll end up with a profit of 1900 Credits and maintain a good relationship with Wen.

Alternatively, you can check the backroom and find the Bio-Sensor on a table, but taking it counts as stealing. If you opt for this method, make sure nobody is watching when you steal the egg.

Now that you have found the last Bio-Sensor head back to Kelton Frush simply by fast traveling to the Mast District (press LB, followed by RB to bring up the map, then select the Mast District icon).

Upon returning the four Bio-Sensors to Kelton Frush, he’ll ask you to wait until the analysis is completed. Make sure you don’t leave the area yet. Speak to him after several seconds, and he’ll tell you that the composition of the trees is changing, and they emit ultra-low-frequency sound waves.

According to Kelton, if the sound waves grow in intensity, they could destroy the city. It’s easy to understand that Kelton’s research is a waste of time, and there won’t be any disaster anytime soon. Furthermore, as mentioned above, Kelton is a bit crazy, and you can easily find out why by playing the next mission named Out On A Limb, which introduces a new NPC named Emilio Hadek.

Before doing so, however, you have to wait a bit until the next mission becomes available. To pass the time, feel free to start other missions available in New Atlantis, all of them covered as part of our Starfield Wiki.

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