Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day: Where To Find the Stolen Rare Apples

by Vlad
August 21, 2023

Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day is a fetch quest that may cause a bit of confusion because to complete it; you’ll have to find 10 Stolen Apples for the Fruit Seller in Lithesta.

The problem is that, like many other Atlas Fallen quests, An Apple a Day comes with a small trick, which revolves around the tenth Stolen Apple or the last Rare Apple you must find.

Don’t worry, though, because throughout the following Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day walkthrough, I’ll share with you all Stolen Apples locations, and I’ll also tell you where to find the last one.

How To Start An Apple a Day Quest in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day side quest becomes available the moment you reach Lithesta, the large city in Monsalar, The Wildlands region of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

To unlock it, simply follow the main story, and when you get access to the city, look for the Fruit Seller in the large plaza in front of the main gate.

You should be able to spot him in front of his cart at the location I have marked for you on the map below.

Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day starts in the large plaza in Lithesta.

Approach the vendor, and he’ll tell you that someone stole his box of apples. He needs your help finding all 10 of them, and he also wants you to find the thief.

Obviously, if you are a completionist, you agree to help the Fruit Seller, so let’s see where to find the 10 Stolen Apples.

Atlas Fallen Stolen Apples Locations

Before starting your search for the Rare Stolen Apples, it’s worth knowing that they lead you to the thief.

As such, try following the same order as the one in the following table, and you’ll get all of them faster.

Stolen Apple:Location (Where To Find):
1.On the left side of the entrance to the tunnel leading to Upper City.
2.Inside the tunnel leading to Upper City, on the right side, behind the small fence.
3.Outside the Upper City tunnel, near some stairs, on the right side.
4.In front of a house in the upper area behind the location of the previous Apple.
5.Sitting on a bench in the upper plaza with a brazier in the middle.
6.Near a lamp post in the lower area on the right side of the large stairs, south of Lady Catherine
7.On a table in front of the temple at the end of the large stairs south of Lady Catherine.
8.On the alley, on the right side of the stairs leading to the temple and the previous apple.
9.Several steps away from the previous Stolen Apple, behind the Sketchy Person.

Now as you can see, the table above reveals only 9 Stolen Apples, but finding them leads you to a specific NPC. Or the Sketchy Person you see in my screenshot.

To find the last Stolen Apple, find the Sketchy Person.

Where To Find the Last Stolen Apple In Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day

As you can probably guess, the last Stolen Apple in Atlas Fallen is carried by the thief, which happens to be the Sketchy Person in the screenshot above.

However, getting it is a bit tricky because when you approach the thief, he’ll bribe you. Specifically, he’ll offer you The Garden of the Sun Treasure Map.

In exchange, he wants you to cover him and tell the Fruit Seller he didn’t steal the apples. So getting the last Stolen Rare Apple depends on your decision.

Now, you’ll want to return to the Fruit Seller in the plaza where you first found him. The Fruit Seller will ask you if you found the thief. Now you have two choices:

  • I found the thief.
  • (Lie) The thief probably left town

So what’s the best choice here? Both of them, actually, but it depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you choose to turn in the thief, he will flee the city, and after he is gone, you’ll find the last Atlas Fallen Stolen Apple on the small column where the thief was resting.

Turn in the thief to obtain the last Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day Stolen Apple

This choice, however, requires you to return to the location where you found the thief later.

Should you choose to lie and protect the thief, the Fruit Seller will get angry and disappointed at the same time. He’ll still reward you but won’t accept the apples you already found. And the thief will remain in the city, meaning you won’t get the last Stolen Apple.

Furthermore, if you decide to protect the thief, you must inform him that you lied for him before obtaining all quest rewards.

As you can see, both are valid options, so pick the one you see fit because you already have the most important reward for the Atlas Fallen An Apple a Day, which is The Garden of the Sun Treasure Map.

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