Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Anvils Locations

August 20, 2023

The Wildlands is the largest region in Atlas Fallen, which means you can lose a lot of time running all over it if you haven’t found the Anvils fast-traveling points.

Furthermore, Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Anvils can be used to heal yourself, make upgrades, and save your progression.

However, there is a total of eighteen Anvils in the third region of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, and locating all of them can be tricky if you don’t have a keen eye.

Therefore, it would be best to check our locations guide below to learn where to find all eighteen Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Anvils as fast as possible.

The Wildlands Anvils Locations Map in Atlas Fallen

On the following map, I’ve pinpointed the locations of the Anvils landmarks in The Wildlands region, so make sure to look over it.

Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Anvils locations map

In addition, I’ll provide tips for each fast travel point in the same order as the one on the map above.

Where To Find The Wildlands Anvils in Atlas Fallen

To find an Anvil, you must look for a green orb flying around a small area with green cracks in the ground.

Furthermore, to make the Anvils even harder to miss, Nyaal will inform when one is nearby.

Of course, once you find an Anvil, you must unearth it, then interact with it.

Now let’s see where to find each Anvil in the largest region of Atlas Fallen.

Anvil #Anvil Name:Where To Find:
1.Bastengar GateOn a cliff in the Southern Wastes area near the passage to Bastengar’s Underground in the far east of the region.
2.Roadside TempleNear a railing outside of a temple by Lithesta’s Main Road.
3.Hunter CampBetween two tents in the Hunter’s Camp south of the Roadside Temple Anvil.
4.City PlanesNear a broken wall by the Old Tith Road, in the middle of the region.
5.LithestaBetween two small staircases in the Lower City area of Lithesta.
6.Northern WatchtowerIn the area under the Northern Watchtower.
7.Northern ReachesIn the Northern Forest by the Old Trade Road in the far north of the region.
8.Priest RetreatIn the Priest’s Refuge area on the northeast side of the region.
9.CliffsideUnder a cliff south of the Priest Retreat Anvil.
10.SundialOn the edge of a cliff in the Outer Reach’s Ridge area in the far east of the region.
11.Scout OutpostOn a weird rock formation on the east side of the region. To reach it, you must unearth a platform located nearby.
12.Spider RockNext to a pretty big green flag in the Spider Rock area in the middle of the region. You need to unearth some platforms and climb a little to reach the Priest’s Estate area; then, you must do more jumping and dashing to finally get to Spider Rock, where the Anvil is located.
13.PrisonAt the beginning of the staircase leading to Nyaal’s Prison on the south side of the region.
14.Wildlands ForestIn the Wildlands Forest area north of the region’s Central Watchtower.
15.Central WatchtowerHigh on the mountain next to the Central Watchtower. To get all the way up, you must use a Forgotten Path in the Outer Reach’s Wastes area south of the Wildlands Forest Anvil.
16.Abandoned CratersIn the Southern Crater area on the south side of the region.
17.Southern WatchtowerNorthwest of the Southern Watchtower. To reach it, you must make use of a Forgotten Path in the ruins under the Southern Watchtower.
18.Mining VillageIn the Mining Village in the southwestern corner of the region.

Nicely done, my Gauntlet bearer friend! You’ve managed to unlock all eighteen Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Anvils. If you want to continue, you can now focus on The Wildlands Lore Items.

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