Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Forgotten Paths Locations

August 18, 2023

Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Forgotten Paths are activities you can complete to obtain cosmetics and artefacts.

That is if you have the Reveal upgrade on your Gauntlet, without which you can’t start any Forgotten Path.

These activities can be really fun if you enjoy jumping and dashing because a lot of that will be required to get your rewards.

However, besides your mobility, your patience will be put to the test because if you fall, you have to restart the activity.

Also, you must know where you can start each of the four Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Forgotten Paths activities, and throughout the following locations guide, I’ll provide all the instructions you need to get to them.

Where To Find Bastengar’s Underground Forgotten Paths in Atlas Fallen

First, you should check the map below, where I’ve pinpointed the exact locations of all four Forgotten Paths in Bastengar’s Underground region.

Atlas Fallen Bastengar's Underground Forgotten Paths locations map

To continue, I’ll give your further instructions and screenshots to help you complete each Forgotten Path, following the order on the previous map.

Forgotten Path #1: Outside of the Knight’s Fortress

The first Forgotten Path can be found outside of the Knight’s Fortress on the south side of the region.

You have one of Bastengar’s Underground Anvils nearby if you want to fast travel, provided you have it unlocked.

You’ll know you are in the right spot if you see the ground glowing green.

Forgotten Path #1 is found outside of the Knight's Fortress

Next, you must approach the beacon and unearth a weird statue with an orb in the middle.

Now interact with the statue, then follow the orb, and you will be led to a chest.

The tricky part is that you have to jump on several platforms the orb reveals.

As such, jump from platform to platform until you reach the last one, where a chest will spawn.

The chest contains the Helmet of a Knight of Old cosmetic item.

Forgotten Path #2: Near the Edge on the Far North of the Region

For the second Forgotten Path, you must head all the way to the far north of the region.

The problem is that to reach the north side of the region, you have to unlock the third air dash by upgrading your Gauntlet.

To get this upgrade, all you have to do is progress with the main story of Atlas Fallen.

Assuming you are prepared, go to the second location marked on my map, and you’ll see the green beacon near the edge.

Follow the same steps as you did for Forgotten Path #1, and this time you’ll reach a chest containing an artefact.

Forgotten Path #2 is located near the edge on the far north of the region

Forgotten Path #3: Near the Edge of the Big Gap With Lava

To find the last two Forgotten Paths, you must first complete one of the Bastengar’s Underground Sealing Totems.

The Sealing Totem is located by the railing in the Royal Palace, near the entrance.

To enter the Palace, just head south of the beacon for Forgotten Path #2.

Completing the Sealing Totem activity unlocks a gate on the ground floor of the Royal Palace.

Head through the gate to reach the Depths area, where you’ll find the next Forgotten Path near the edge of the big gap with lava at the third location pinpointed on the map above.

Activate the platforms and start jumping to get to another chest that contains another artefact.

Forgotten Path #3 is found near the edge of the big gap with lava

Forgotten Path #4: In the Cult Site Area

Finally, for the last Forgotten Path, you first have to get on the tower above the previous beacon.

So turn back to get on the high ground, then jump and dash three times to reach the tower.

After that, proceed forward, where you’ll have to make another big jump to get to the Cult Site area.

Now make your way to the fourth location on my map and complete the last activity to get yet another artefact.

Forgotten Path #4 is located in the Cult Site area

Note that you have another Anvil near the activity’s beacon, and you might want to unlock it if you haven’t already.

Great job, friend! You’ve managed to complete all four Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Forgotten Paths activities and can now focus on the remaining Sealing Totems in the region.

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