Atlas Fallen Good or Edible Food: Where To Find the Soupmaker

August 18, 2023

Good or Edible Food is a very accessible errand or Atlas Fallen fetch quest you’ll be able to trigger in the Bastengar’s Underground region you’ll get to explore in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Atlas Fallen Good or Edible Food is also easy to find because it is connected to one of the main quests in this area.

To complete it, you’ll have to feed Arif, who ends up in a prison outside the citadel’s walls, and throughout the following Atlas Fallen Good or Edible Food walkthrough, I’ll tell you where to find the Soupmaker and how to convince him to cook some food.

How To Start Good or Edible Food Errand in Atlas Fallen

To start Atlas Fallen Good or Edible quest, you must progress the main story until you are asked to Find the entrance to the Sunken City of Lothville. This objective is part of the main quest named From Beliefs to Trust.

Once you receive the main objective, you’ll also get an optional task that requires you to Check on Arif in his cell.

By completing the optional objective, you’ll get the chance to find out that Arif is starving and wants something to eat. Thus the Good or Edible Food errand begins at the location marked on the following map.

Atlas Fallen Good or Edible Food starts when you check on Arif in his cell.

When you check on Arif, ask him about his situation, and he’ll ask you to find some food. As you’ll discover, only one person can give you the food for Arif—specifically the Soupmaker. Let’s pay him a visit.

Where To Find the Atlas Fallen Soupmaker

After starting the quest, you must return to the Bastengar’s Underground citadel, west of your current location.

In front of Khendra’s quarters is a plaza where you can meet various NPCs. The Soupmaker is running the local tavern on the second floor. You may remember this location from A Thief’s Case errand.

The Soupmaker is found in the small plaza in front of the citadel.

Speak to the Soupmaker, and he’ll tell you that if you want something cooked, you must bring him the ingredients. This means you must find a vendor and purchase the ingredients for the meal.

How To Get the Ingredient for the Soupmaker

Once you finish talking to the Soupmaker, open your map, and you’ll see a new location marked on it. Look southeast from your current location, and you’ll see the marker near the traveling vendor icon.

Head to the location marked on your map, crossing the graveyard, and you’ll see the travelling vendor in front of a red tent, close to Sarge, the NPC from Training to Survive.

Approach the traveling vendor and buy the following items from him:

  • Marbled Meat for 100 Tributes
  • Exotic Fruit for 50 Tributes
  • Smelly Vegetable for 25 Tributes
Buy the Soupmaker Ingredient from the travelling vendor.

Now, you’ll have to backtrack to the Soupmaker and give him all ingredients so he can start cooking.

After he finishes, approach the table behind the cook and pick up the Grilled Meat. Finally, return to Arif’s cell and give him the Grilled Meat.

Your companion will be thankful for feeding him, and he’ll reward you with the Dark Silver Dye you can use to customize your champion’s outfit.

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