Atlas Fallen Training To Survive: Where To Find Volunteers for Sarge

by Vlad
August 16, 2023

Training To Survive is one of the first Atlas Fallen errands available in the Monsalar: Bastengar’s Underground region; you’ll get to visit after leaving Caladrias Forbidden Lands.

Notably smaller than Forbidden Lands, Bastengar’s Underground features a series of errands and side-quest you should complete to unlock new rewards for your champion.

One of these errands is Training To Survive, which requires you to find three volunteers for Sarge, the NPC you may remember from the previous area.

Sarge’s volunteers have fixed locations, so if you wonder where to find them, in the following Atlas Fallen Training To Survive walkthrough, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the NPCs you must approach.

How To Start the Atlas Fallen Training To Survive Errand

To start the Training To Survive errand, all you have to do is to enter the Bastengar’s Underground area following the game’s story. You don’t have to progress the main quest named From Beliefs to Trust, so don’t worry about finding Khendra yet.

After entering the large underground Citadel, head to the location marked below to find Sarge sitting in the area below the traveling vendor.

Atlas Fallen Training To Survive errand starts when you talk to Sarge.

When you talk to Sarge, he’ll tell you that the villagers of Castrum VII can’t survive the journey ahead unless they train. The problem is that Sarge can’t convince them to join the training sessions, but he thinks you can.

So, your objective is to find the three Atlas Fallen volunteers within the searching area that appear on your map after starting the errand. Let’s see where they are.

Atlas Fallen Sarge’s Volunteers Locations

Once you talk to Sarge, it’s time to start looking for the three volunteers, so make sure you track the current quest and open your map to notice a large search area.

Luckily, the volunteers are relatively easy to find, so from your current location in front of Sarge, head to the Citadel’s front gate.

While climbing the massive stairs in front of the gate, you’ll see an NPC (Appleseed) several steps away from the Anvil.

The first Training To Survive volunteer is sitting on the stairs leading to the Citadel.

Talk to the female NPC and pick any dialogue choice you want. It doesn’t matter what you tell her as she’ll agree to join Sarge.

Now, enter the Citadel through the front gate, and when you reach the courtyard, turn right (north) to see Splinter.

The second Atlas Fallen Training To Survive volunteer is Splinter, found in the citadel's courtyard.

Approach her, and pick the “There is a recruiter…” dialogue option to convince her to see Sarge.

Finally, from where you find Splinter, cross the courtyard moving south. Exit the Citadel, and you’ll eventually reach the graveyard, where you can start the Fallen Knights errand.

While facing the Graveyard Keeper, turn left, and you’ll see a small path leading you to Satchel.

Satchel is the third volunteer and she is found in the graveyard area.

When speaking to Satchel, you need to pick the “There is a recruiter…” dialogue option again.

Now that you found the volunteers Sarge needs, head back to his location and tell him you completed his request.

For finishing the Atlas Fallen Training To Survive errand, you’ll receive 50 Tributes, 1 Ferdrite, and 1 Pearl Clover.

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