Atlas Fallen Dead and Buried Treasure Map: Where To Find the Hidden Chest

by Vlad
August 16, 2023

Dead and Buried is the sixth and final Treasure Map you’ll be able to obtain in the Atlas Fallen the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region or the first area you get to explore in the role-playing video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

That’s because the Atlas Fallen Dead and Buried Treasure Map comes as a reward you’ll obtain close to the end of the main quest you have to complete in Forbidden Lands. The said quest ends the moment you get ready to leave the area, traveling towards Monsalar Bastengar’s Underground.

The Dead and Buried Map follows the same logic as all other Treasure Maps we’ve covered as part of our Atlas Fallen Wiki, and throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you where to find it and how to receive the hidden chest depicted in the map’s drawing.

Atlas Fallen Dead and Buried Treasure Map Location

To get your hands on the sixth Atlas Fallen Forbidden Lands Map, you have to progress the Path To Bastengar main quest and return to Arif one last time after you find the Unearth Shards and upgrade your gauntlet.

Arif, as you probably know by now, is waiting for you in Castrum VII at the location marked on my map below.

Atlas Fallen Dead and Buried Treasure Map is a rewards you'll receive during the Path To Bastengar quest.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you the villagers are ready to leave Castrum VII. Before leaving, though, he’ll offer you a new Treasure Map named Dead and Buried.

Now, it’s recommended to postpone the main quest available and focus on the map. Let’s see where you find the associated treasure.

Where To Find the Dead and Buried Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen

After you receive the map, once again, you’ll want to open your inventory and access the Journey Tab, followed by the Treasure Maps section.

Choose the Dead and Buried Treasure Map to see an image depicting a large suspended bridge. Under the drawing, you can read the following riddle:

“Not every grave contains death. Some contain riches. And some are near old gates and under old rocks.”

The riddle is pretty easy to solve if you thoroughly explore the Forbidden Lands area. If you don’t know where to find the chest, open your map and head toward the location I have marked below. As you can see, it’s east of Castrum VII.

The Dead and Buried Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen is east of Castrum VII.

When you get close to the area marked above, look around, and you should see a graveyard.

Cross the graveyard moving north, and look around for a patch of glowing sand behind a large stone pillar in what looks like a small cave.

While standing near the patch of sand, you should see the bridge leading to Castrum VII, just like in the following screenshot.

The Dead and Buried Treasure Chest is behind a pillar inside a cave.

Get close to the pillar in the screenshot and press Up on your DPad to pull the chest from the sand.

Now that you completed the Atlas Fallen Dead and Buried Treasure Hunt, complete all side-quests and errands in the first area before traveling to the Bastengar’s Underground region.

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