Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar: Where To Find the Piece in the Ruins

by Vlad
August 14, 2023

Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar is a long main quest that spans the first chapter in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, featuring multiple more or less complicated objectives. One of these objectives requires you to find the last piece of the gauntlet within the Forbidden Lands Ruins.

While the actual objective is pretty straightforward, what makes it a bit difficult is the marker showing the piece’s location. Which, as you are about to see, indicates an empty area.

If by any chance you wonder where to find the gauntlet piece in the ruins to progress the Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar main quest, then don’t worry because it’s not a bug, and I’ll tell you where to look for it.

Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar Ruins Piece Location

By the time you are asked to find the gauntlet piece in the ruins, you’ll most likely know the game’s basics, and hopefully, you have revealed most of the Forbidden Lands map. If not, now it’s a great time to check our Atlas Fallen Wiki and complete all side quests.

Additionally, you should be able to locate a vast majority of collectibles revealed by our guides. The Enhanced Air Dash shards should also be in your possession, allowing you to use the air dash ability twice.

After talking to Arif in the Castrum VII settlement, he’ll send you to look for the next gauntlet piece. Combined with the three Unearth Shards, the last piece allows you to raise bigger structures. So, your search starts in the Castrum VII village.

If you open your map while tracking the Path to Bastengar quest, you’ll see that the ruins you must explore are located northwest of your current location or Castrum VII if you want.

Head toward the marker and cross the large ravine using the newly acquired Enhanced Air Dash. Now, head straight to the marker you see on your map. Get ready, though, because you’ll encounter several wraiths. The problem is that you won’t find the Gauntlet Piece after you defeat them.

Why? Because the marker is off, as you can see on the following map. Now let’s see how to get there.

atlas fallen path to bastengar ruins gauntlet piece location - GameClubz

While remaining on the ground, head through the ruined tunnel where the last piece should be and look for a camp where you’ll see two researchers. Behind them is a gate leading to a cave and to the area known as Shattered Keep Cathedral.

Head inside the Shattered Keep Cathedral and look in the distance to spot the Atlas Fallen Ruins Piece you must collect.

atlas fallen path to bastengar ruins piece location - GameClubz

Before interacting with it, be advised that you’ll trigger a boss fight against a powerful wraith.

After you retrieve the piece in the ruins, you’ll start another search, but this time around, you’ll be looking for three Unearth Shards that allow you to upgrade the gauntlet and make it even stronger.

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