Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet: Where To Find the Three Unearth Shards

by Vlad
August 15, 2023

Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Unearth Shards allow you to further improve your champion’s gauntlet in the latest video game published by Focus Entertainment, thus helping you raise bigger structures leading to new areas.

The Atlas Fallen Unearth Shards are found in the Forbidden Lands region of the game, and you’ll have to find them to progress the story and the Reforging the Gauntlet side quest.

The three Unearth Shards are required when you find the gauntlet piece in the ruins. However, these items don’t appear on your map unless you get close to them, so they can prove challenging to find.

As such, throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss the Atlas Fallen Unearth Shards locations, and I’ll tell you where to look and how to reach them.

Atlas Fallen Unearth Shards Locations Map

Similar to the Air Dash Shards, the Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Unearth Shards are found in specific locations, all of them being revealed on the following map.

Before going after them, it’s worth knowing that even though there are more Shards in the area, only the three covered below are required for the second gauntlet upgrade.

Or simply put, the rest of the shards you may find while exploring the world count as excess shards, and they will be automatically exchanged in crafting materials.

The map displays the locations of all three Atlas Fallen Unearth Shards.

Now, following the same order as the one on the map above, here is how to get the Unearth Shards in Atlas Fallen.

Unearth Shard #1: On a Mountain Wall

The first Unearth Shard on my map above requires a bit of platforming. As you can see in my screenshot below, it sits on top of a small area near the mountain wall.

Before heading to its location, make sure you deal with the Heaver wraith on the ground. It’s mandatory to defeat the Heaver by destroying its totems because the Shard is protected and linked to the creature.

After you defeat the Heaver, start climbing the ruins. Your starting point is the small tower (also marked below). Climb on it and continue to follow the walls, jumping and dashing when needed.

The first Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Unearth Shard is in a small clearing by the wall of the mountain.

Unearth Shard #2: In a Clearing

The second Atlas Fallen Unearth Shard is easier to find but harder to get. As you can see on my map, it is waiting for you in the southern region, where you can find one of the lookouts for the Eyes In The Desert Errand.

For this Shard, however, you must defeat one of the three Elite Foes in Forbidden Lands—specifically, Coylur, the Desert Plunger.

After you deal with the snake-like wraith, you’ll be able to obtain the second Unearth Shard the boss was guarding.

For the second Unearth Shard you must defeat Coylur on the southern side of the map.

Unearth Shard #3: On Top Of A Tower

The third and final Reforging the Gauntlet Unearth Shard in Atlas Fallen is by far the trickiest and puts your platforming skills to the test.

As you can see on the map above, it is found on top of a tower, next to a Sealing Totem. The Shard is locked, and to get it, you have to complete the Sealing Totem.

If you need help, consider checking our Forbidden Lands Sealing Totems locations guide to complete the associated timed challenge.

The third Unearth Shard is on top of a tower near a Sealing Totem

Once you obtain the three Unearth Shards, make your way to the closest Anvil and upgrade the gauntlet.

Remember that this upgrade is required to complete some quests (Building Bridges, for example) and to obtain some of the collectibles we have covered as part of our Atlas Fallen Wiki.

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