Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert: Where To Find the Lookouts

by Vlad
August 11, 2023

Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert is an errand that requires you to find three lookouts for Keeneyes, an NPC you’ll meet early in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive in the first settlement named Castrum VII.

While the Atlas Fallen lookouts are relatively easy to spot after you trigger the Eyes in the Desert side quest, getting to them is not as easy, especially for the last one, which is found close to the southern edge of the map.

Nevertheless, if you want to get your hands on an Orange Dye to customize your champion and some Essence Dust, finding the three lookouts for the Eyes in the Desert errand is mandatory, and throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you where to find them.

How To Start the Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert Errand

To start the Eyes in the Desert errand, which is a shorter side quest, first, you’ll have to get to Castrum VII, which happens to be the most important settlement in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region.

This objective is part of the main quest named The Path to Bastengar; however, assuming you don’t know how to cross the large ravine west of your starting location, refer to our Path to Bastengar Settlement location guide.

After reaching Castrum VII on the northern side of Caladrias Forbidden Lands, look for an NPC on the village’s eastern side. You can’t miss Keeneyes since she constantly tries to find someone in the desert. You can also see her below.

To start the Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert Errand find Keeneyes in Castrum VII

After talking to Keeneyes, she’ll tell you that her brother and sisters are lookouts stationed in three different locations. They look out for wraiths, but she didn’t hear from them for quite some time. Keeneyes wants you to find them. Let’s see how to complete her request.

Where To Find the Gate Lookout in Atlas Fallen

Upon starting the Eyes in the Desert errand, open your map, and you should see three locations marked alongside the eastern ravine or canyon. You can also see them on the custom map below.

The Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert Lookouts are stationed alongside the  Caladris Forbidden Lands eastern ravine.

The first one you’ll want to visit is the Gate Lookout or Goggles. Exit Castrum VII and head southeast, but stay close to the ravine.

The Gate Lookout in Atlas Fallen is in a lower area you can reach, following the wooden platforms alongside the mountain wall. Goggles is a bored NPC (pictured below), and all you need to do is talk to him.

Goggle is the Atlas Fallen Gate Lookout, found at the edge of the mountain.

Where To Find the Desert Lookout

After talking to Goggles, head back to the upper area and move south toward the second location I have marked for you on the map above.

As you get close, look for a guard post similar to the one where you found Google. You won’t find an NPC here, but there is a golden journal in front of the large brazier.

Pick it up because it also contains a Treasure Map (A Hole In The Desert). Basically, to find the Atlas Fallen Desert Lookout, you need to find the rock depicted on the Treasure Map.

From your location, you should see the said rock further to the south. Get close to it and look on the ground for a corpse near a bush.

The Desert Lookout is found near the stone depicted on A Hole In The Desert Treasure Map.

Interact with the corpse to find out that the wraiths killed the lookout.

Eyes in the Desert Old Outpost Lookout Location

The third NPC you must find is by far the trickiest. That’s because the Atlas Fallen Old Outpost Lookout can’t be reached early in the game unless you upgrade your champion’s gauntlet. Specifically, you must complete the Reforging The Gauntlet quest by finding the three Enhanced Air Dash Shards.

Refer to our guide if you need help with them, and after you unlock the Enhanced Air Dash, head south to the third location on the map above.

Look for a broken bridge and jump, then use Air Dash twice to get across the large ravine on the southern side of the map.

Now, enter the Lost Hideout through the large gate. Look on the left side of the courtyard for a platform you can raise to access the upper ruins. The lookout’s post is waiting for you on top of a small hill.

The Eyes in the Desert Old Outpost Lookout requires the Enhanced Air Dash.

Make sure you talk to Satchel, then unlock the Lost Hideout Anvil, which allows you to fast travel back to Castrum VII. Tell, Keeneyes everything you found about her sisters and brother, then claim your rewards for completing the Atlas Fallen Eyes in the Desert errand.

Now that you helped Keeneyes feel free to check our Atlas Fallen Wiki for more side quests, errands, or collectibles you can find in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region.

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