Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar: How To Reach The Settlement

by Vlad
August 10, 2023

Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar is the third main quest in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, and it requires you to meet Arif in the Forbidden Lands settlement close to a broken bridge.

Since the said settlement, known as Castrum VII, is on the other side of a large ravine, crossing the broken bridge may seem mandatory, but Atlas Fallen isn’t a video game featuring the most useful guiding system. As such, you may encounter difficulties progressing the Path to Bastengar quest and the main story.

If this happens, and you get stuck trying to reach the Atlas Fallen Castrum VII settlement, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you how to cross the ravine in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands area.

How To Get to the Path to Bastengar Settlement in Atlas Fallen

Immediately after you find the Eastern Ruins Anvil, you’ll be asked to locate Arif in Castrum VII or the nearby settlement in the Caladrias region of the game.

At this point, the game becomes confusing because you’ll be tempted to focus on the broken bridge above the large canyon east of your objective marker. Doing so will result in wasting precious time.

To avoid this, head back to the Eastern Ruins Anvil pictured below.

Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar requires you to find Arif in Castrum VII

Now, while standing near the Anvil, look across the ravine or the large canyon below to spot a small area to the west (also visible on the map above).

To get to Castrum VII, you must reach the said area by jumping and dashing while in the air.

Jump and dash in the air to get to the small area west of Eastern Ruins Anvil

Before jumping and dashing in the air, it’s worth knowing that you can reach the wooden platform on the other side of the canyon only from the platform near the Anvil (pictured above). If you try jumping while being below the indicated wooden platform, you’ll fall into the abyss.

Once you get to the other side, follow the wooden bridge northeast, and eventually, you’ll get to Castrum VII.

Where To Find Arif in Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar

Arif (pictured below) is pretty easy to find after you discover Castrum VII.

Simply head to the northern side of the small village and look for him standing on a wooden platform. Next to him, you’ll see Old Seven.

You can find Arif standing on a wooden platform in Castrum VII

By talking to Old Seven, you can start the side-quest named Protecting The Village.

And that’s about it! Now you know how to get to the first village to progress the Atlas Fallen Path to Bastengar quest, but don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for more tips, tricks, walkthroughs, and guides.

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