Atlas Fallen Tithe Caravan Lore Items Locations

August 10, 2023

Atlas Fallen Tithe Caravan Lore Items are blue collectible scrolls and books that can be found in the first area of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment.

The Lore Items are a good source of information on the world of Atlas Fallen, and you’ll need to gather at least thirty of them to unlock the Scholar Trophy/Achievement.

However, a few of the Lore Items in Tithe Caravan can be easily missed as they are not on the path you need to follow for the main quest’s objective.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you get to all eight Atlas Fallen Tithe Caravan Lore Items.

Where To Find All Tithe Caravan Lore Items in Atlas Fallen

To reach the area where you can obtain the first eight Lore Items in Atlas Fallen, you first have to complete the game’s tutorial.

Then you’ll find yourself barely surviving an attack on the caravan you are part of.

As such, you can explore the area after you get saved by Tracker and have to talk to Warden, Smith, and Herder for the quest’s objective.

Atlas Fallen Tithe Caravan Lore Items all eight locations

Lore Item #1 (Report Aftermath of the Attack): Next to Some Barrels

Upon finishing your conversation with Tracker, you can finally move around.

The first Lore Item is located right in front, next to some barrels, after you get past the campfire.

Lore Item #1 is next to some barrels

Lore Item #2 (The Caravan): In Front of the Tent Behind Tracker

For the second Lore, you’ll have to speak with Warden, Smith, and Herder, then return to Tracker.

You should be able to spot a blue scroll in front of the tent behind Tracker, as shown in the following image.

Lore Item #2 is in front of a tent

Lore Item #3 (Report Unruly Unnamed): In the Grass

Now continue until you get outside of the camp and have to find a thief who stole something from Captain Morrath.

Once outside, go to the other side of the big rocks to the right to find another Lore Item in the grass.

Lore Item #3 is in the grass next to some big rocks

Lore Item #4 (What Remains): In Front of a Tent

Lore Item #4 will need you to progress with the main quest a little, fight a bunch of Wraiths, and reach the part where you have to cross a nature-made stone bridge.

The Lore is on the other side of the bridge in front of a tent.

Lore Item #4 is in front of a tent next to a stone bridge

Lore Item #5 (Report Preparing To Move Out): In a Lighted Tent

When you find the thief and retrieve what he stole, you can return to the caravan, where you have to speak with Tracker, who will give you access to the Upper Camp.

After passing the Caravan Guard, which is now forced to let you go to the Upper Camp, you can head uphill and turn left to see the next Lore Item in one of the lighted tents, just like in the screenshot below.

Lore Item #5 is in a lighted tent

Lore Items #6&7 (Morrath & State of the Caravan): In a Big Tent and Next to a Small Table

Upon getting the previous Lore Item, head back to the hill you’ve climbed to reach the Upper Camp, and this time, continue going up on the right side to get to Morrath’s Quarters.

You’ll find Lore Item #6 in the big tent and #7 next to a small table by the edge of the cliff.

Lore Items #6&7 are in a big tent and next to a small table

Lore Item #8 (To My Mentor): Behind a Big Tent

The last Lore Item is found close to the previous two, behind the big tent in Morrath’s Quarters area.

Lore Item #8 behind a big tent

Well done, friend! You’ve obtained all eight Atlas Fallen Tithe Caravan Lore Items, but go ahead and check our Wiki Hub Page for more useful guides.

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