Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet: Where To Find the Three Enhanced Air Dash Shards

August 11, 2023

Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet is a very confusing main quest in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, which requires you to find three Air Dash Shards that will eventually help improve your hero’s gauntlet, thus allowing him to perform an extra Air Dash while jumping.

It is one of the early quests you’ll unlock the moment you get to the Caladrias Forbidden Lands area, and it is mandatory to complete it if you wish to continue the story.

The problem is that even with Nyaal’s help, you may encounter difficulties finding the Atlas Fallen Air Dash Shards because of the poorly developed exploration system implemented by the devs. As such, you won’t be able to progress the Reforging the Gauntlet quest.

If you get stuck, don’t worry because, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you where to find the three Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Shards and how to get them so you can continue your adventure in Caladrias.

Atlas Fallen Air Dash Shards Locations Map

From the beginning, it is worth knowing that there are more than three Gauntlet Shards in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region of Atlas Fallen; however, you’ll need only three for the Reforging The Gauntlet quest. As you can guess, these items are pretty important, so you have to fight for them or do a bit of legwork and platforming.

On the map below, I have marked all three locations you must reach to be able to find them.

The Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Shards Locations map shows where to find the Enhanced Air Dash Shards.

Now, following the same order as the one on the map, here is how to get the three Reforging The Gauntlet Enhanced Air Dash Shards.

Enhanced Air Dash Shard #1: On Top of a Tower

The first Atlas Fallen Enhanced Air Dash Shard on the map above is found south of Castrum VII village; you must reach to progress the story.

If you encounter difficulties getting there, check our Path To Bastengar Settlement location guide.

After discovering the settlement known as Castrum VII, head south towards the location on the map above, and look for a ruined tower. Nearby you’ll see a platform you can raise.

From there, jump to the top of the tower, then turn south on your compass to spot another ruined building. Jump and dash in the air to get to the taller building, where you’ll find the first Shard.

The first Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Enhanced Air Dash Shard is on top of a ruined tower in the Outskirts Forest area.

Enhanced Air Dash Shard #2: West of Castrum VII

The second Air Dash Shard is easier to spot, especially if you start the Protecting The Village side-quest in Castrum VII.

That’s because, during the said side quest, you must defeat several wraiths. These wraiths protect the second Shard you must collect. As you can see on the map above, it is found outside Castrum VII, on the western side, near the entrance to the Outskirts Hazed Cave.

After you deal with the wraiths (mandatory), collect the Shard in my screenshot below.

Look for the second Air Dash Shard, near the western wall of the settlement.

Enhanced Air Dash Shard #3: South of Wastelands Anvil

The last Shard you need to improve your gauntlet is also fairly easy to spot, just south of Wastelands Anvil.

As you can see on the map above, it sits in plain sight in the desert. To get to it, backtrack to the small patch of land west of Eastern Ruins Anvil, then jump across the southern ravine since the wooden bridge on your map is broken.

Continue exploring the southern desert, and you’ll see the Shard in my screenshot below. Be advised that it’s protected, so you must deal with some wraiths first.

The third Atlas Fallen Shard is in the desert, south of the Wastelands Anvil.

Great job! Now that you found the three Atlas Fallen Reforging the Gauntlet Shards, head to an anvil and upgrade your gauntlet to unlock the Enhanced Air Dash, which allows you to dash two times instead of one, thus being able to get across larger gaps.

Last but not least, if you get stuck while playing the game, make sure you check our Atlas Fallen Wiki for guides on all collectibles, treasure maps, and side quests.

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