Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes Locations

August 11, 2023

Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes are past conversations collectibles scattered all over the first region of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

There is a total of three Sand Echoes in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region, and you should collect all of them if you’re a completionist.

But finding the Sand Echoes collectibles can be hard, like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, you still need to do it, assuming you want to hear cool Echoes from the past.

Thus, feel free to check our following locations guide to learn where to find all three Atlas Fallen Caladrias: Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes.

Where To Find All Caladrias Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes in Atlas Fallen

First, it would be best to check our map below because, on it, I’ve pinpointed the locations of the three Sand Echoes.

Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes locations map

As you can see, one of the Echoes is located in the northwestern part of the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region, and to reach the spot, you must complete Reforging the Gauntlet main quest and enhance the air dash.

The upgrade will allow you to perform a second dash while in the air, which can be very good for jumping over big gaps.

Also, if you want to be more efficient, unlock the Caladrias Forbidden Lands Anvils first.

Doing so will allow you to fast travel between the Anvils and help you get to the collectibles much quicker.

Now let’s see how to get to each Echo, following the order on the previous map.

Sand Echo #1: On the Top of a Ruined Tower

The first Echo collectible is found in the Caladrias Ruins area, on the east side of the Forbidden Lands region, as shown on the map above.

When you get to the first location on our map, you’ll find the Sand Echo on the top of a ruined tower.

Note that you’ll have to climb on a wooden staircase to reach the top of the tower.

Sand Echo #1 is found on the top of a ruined tower

Sand Echo #2: Outside the Castrum VII Settlement’s Southern Gate

For the second Sand Echo collectible, you’ll have to travel to the Castrum VII settlement and head south.

Don’t forget to refer to our map for the exact location.

After getting to the spot, you’ll find the collectible outside the settlement’s southern gate.

Sand Echo #2 is found outside the Castrum VII settlement's southern gate

Sand Echo #3: On The Ground

The third and final Echo is a bit tricky to get because it’s placed in a dangerous spot.

That is because two level three Shellbashers are guarding it.

If you can’t take the powerful enemies out, you should play a little hide-and-seek with them, sneaking to the collectible and interacting with it right under their noses.

Keep in mind that you have to be on the ground to find the Echo, just like in the image below.

Sand Echo #3 is found on the ground guarded by two level three Shellbashers

Great job, friend! You’ve interacted with all three Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Sand Echoes. But there are more collectibles left for you to obtain, and to make sure you don’t miss a single one, check our Wiki Hub here.

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