Atlas Fallen Building Bridges: How To Fix the Ruined Bridge

by Vlad
August 15, 2023

Atlas Fallen Building Bridges is a fairly long side-quest requiring you to fix one of the bridges in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands.

To fix the bridge for the Atlas Fallen Building Bridges quest, however, you’ll need to upgrade your champion’s Unearth ability, thus being able to raise bigger structures.

In the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, this power is unlocked just before leaving the first region, which means that even if the Building Bridges becomes available early, you’ll be able to complete it only as you progress through the story.

Don’t worry, though, because, throughout the following Atlas Fallen Building Bridges walkthrough, I’ll tell you all the steps you must follow so you don’t miss anything.

How To Start the Atlas Fallen Building Bridges Side Quest

To start the Atlas Fallen Building Bridges side quest, first, you must help Old Seven protect the Castrum VII village.

Therefore, once you finish the Protecting the Village side quest, head back to Old Seven to claim your rewards, and you’ll automatically start the Building Bridges side quest.

If you don’t know where to find Old Seven, his location is marked on the following map. Look for an old NPC sitting near Arif.

Talk to Old Seven in Castrum VII to start the Atlas Fallen Building Bridges side quest.

Old Seven informs you that many villagers got stuck in the southern desert, so he wants you to look out for them. The only way to bring them to Castrum VII is by repairing the southern bridge.

So, your next objective is to find the stranded villagers.

Where To Find the Stranded Villagers in Atlas Fallen

After starting the quest, open your map, and you should see a new marker placed on the other side of the southern ravine, south of Castrum VII.

The stranded villagers are found in a camp south of Castrum VII.

Head to the location marked on the map above using the bridge connected to the small patch of land northeast of the objective marker. Make sure you jump and dash twice to get across the second gap.

After reaching the camp where the stranded villagers are found, look around for an NPC named Wornblade. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that to repair the bridge, you must find a carpenter named Splinter.

Unfortunately, Splinter left the camp looking for materials, so now you’ll have to find her. But fear not because she’s very close to the camp. Just open your map, and you’ll see a new marker northwest.

As you travel to the new location, you should be able to spot Splinter near a glowing patch in the sand.

Splinter awaits northwest of the camp.

Get close to the glowing patch and press Up on your DPad to raise the buried materials. Splinter will be fascinated and happy to help you, but she’s kidnapped by a wraith. At this point, you must stay close to her because you’ll have to complete a race.

The wraith you must chase follows a straight trajectory and moves south. Just stay close to it and slide on the dunes. Eventually, it will stop and drop Splinter on top of a rock. When you get close to it, a bunch of wraiths will spawn, and you have to deal with them before climbing to the top of the hill where Splinter awaits.

After the chase talk to Splinter on top of the small hill where is is dropped by the Wraith.

After talking to Splinter again, she tells you that she doesn’t have to build a new bridge because there is already a bridge that collapsed a long time ago. She suggests you use your gauntlet to raise it. Here is where to find and how to repair it.

How To Repair the Ruined Bridge in Caladrias Forbidden Lands

As you can see on the map below, the ruined bridge is northwest of the remote camp where you look for Splinter.

The ruined bridge is northwest of Splinter's camp.

First, head to the bridge to investigate it. Simply step on top of the southern side and wait for Nyaal to take a closer look at it. Now, you’ll have to return to Splinter, who will relocate to the small camp you visited earlier.

Meet her there, and she suggests that you should improve your gauntlet to be able to raise such a big structure. Now, the game forces you to take a break from the current quest and focus on improving your gauntlet.

In other words, you must progress the Reforging The Gauntlet quest until you find the gauntlet piece in the ruins, followed by the three Unearth Shards. After you find them, upgrade your campion’s gauntlet at any Anvil you have discovered.

How To Raise the Old Stone Bridge

With the gauntlet improved, it’s time to raise the Old Ston Bridge; however, before heading to its location, it’s worth knowing that this event will trigger a challenge similar to the one you must complete while playing the Watcher’s Fury.

Because the enemies you are about to face hit quite hard, make sure your champion is well-prepared. Complete all side quests in Forbidden Lands, and make sure you obtain all collectibles and Formulas we’ve covered as part of our Atlas Fallen Wiki.

When ready, head back to the southern part of the bridge, but this time around, descend to the area below the actual bridge. There is a slope leading you to a wooden platform.

Press Up on your Dpad to raise the bridge.

While standing on the platform marked above, press Up on your Dpad to raise the old stone bridge and trigger the Watcher’s Furry challenge.

Make sure you defeat all Wraiths before returning to Old Seven in Castrum VII to collect your rewards for finishing the Atlas Fallen Building Bridges quest.

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