Atlas Fallen Knights: Where To Find the Knights’ Emblems

by Vlad
August 16, 2023

Fallen Knights is an Atlas Fallen errand you can access in the Monsalar Bastengar’s Underground area, and it’s very similar to the History of the Shattered Keep, except that instead of clues, you must find and collect five Knights’ Emblems.

The Fallen Knights errand is relatively long compared to other errands in the underground region of the video game published by Focus Entertainment, and it requires you to search five areas for the emblems you must bring back to the Graveyard Keeper.

Since these quest items have fixed locations, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you where to find Knights’ Emblems in Atlas Fallen and how to get them to complete the Fallen Knights errand.

How To Start the Fallen Knights Quest in Atlas Fallen

Fallen Knights errand becomes available when you enter Bastengar’s Underground area, looking for Khendra. You don’t need to progress or finish From Beliefs to Trust main quest, but you have to find the Graveyard Keeper at the location marked below.

Talk to the Graveyard Keeper to start the Fallen Knights errand in Atlas Fallen.

When you talk to the NPC, he’ll tell you he is preparing the graveyard for an upcoming memorial for the knights who fell into battle.

After showing him the Emblem you have retrieved in the game’s prologue, he’ll ask you to find five Knights’ Emblems and bring them back to him. If you open your map while tracking the Fallen Knights quest, you’ll see that they are scattered all around the place, within large search areas. Let’s see where to find them.

Atlas Fallen Knights Emblems Locations Map

As mentioned, the Atlas Fallen Knights’ Emblems have fixed locations, but you won’t be able to get to them unless you unlock the northern side of the map by progressing the main quest.

On the following map, I have marked the locations of all Emblems you must retrieve so you don’t waste time searching for them.

The map shows the locations of all Atlas Fallen Knights Emblems.

Now, let’s follow the same order as the one on the map, and I’ll tell you how to get them.

Knight Emblem #1: Next to a Stone Column

The first Knight Emblem is easy to spot and doesn’t require any story progression. You’ll find it at the first location marked on the map above.

To get to it, you’ll have to cross several gaps using the Air Dash Ability. The quest item is on the ground, next to a round column made of stone. Look for a glowing object.

The first Atlas Fallen Knight Emblem sits near a stone column

Knight Emblem #2: Behind Some Demolished Houses

For the second Atlas Fallen Emblem, it’s best to progress the main quest named From Beliefs To Trust up to the point when you must find a way to the Sunken Palace.

Eventually, you’ll get to a village that was entirely destroyed. On the western side, as you can see on my map above, you’ll find one of the Emblems in a courtyard behind some demolished houses. Make sure you climb the roofs to get to the Emblem.

Look for the second emblem behind some demolished houses

Knight Emblem #3: On the Second Floor of the Coliseum

After you get the second Emblem, continue progressing the From Beliefs To Trust main quest until you reach a round building similar to a Coliseum.

As you can see on the map above, the building is on the northern side of the map. When you get inside the building, head to the second floor, and you’ll find the Knight Emblem in a small side room.

The third Atlas Fallen Knight Emblem is on the second floor of the round building.

Knight Emblem #4: Under A Bridge

The fourth Emblem on the map above is fairly easy to find. After you upgrade your gauntlet with the Refined Dash Shards you find inside the Coliseum, you’ll be able to exit the building through a large gate protected by a wraith.

Step outside, and while on the ground, turn right to see the Emblem glowing under a bridge in the distance.

For the next emblem, look under a bridge.

Knight Emblem #5: At the Bottom of a Ruined Structure

Once you get the previous Emblem, head back to the Coliseum and the Anvil on the ground floor. Look around for a grated gate you can raise using your champion’s gauntlet.

This gate leads to an uncharted area you should explore carefully. As you move southwest, you’ll see a chest on the ground in an opening. Before opening the chest, head to the ground and turn around, facing the gate you just opened.

The Emblem is glowing close to some ruins, as shown below.

The last Knight Emblem is at the base of a ruin near the coliseum.

After obtaining the last Atlas Fallen Knight Emblem, continue progressing the main quest in this area, and eventually, you’ll return to the Citadel. Make sure you visit the Graveyard Keeper and return the five emblems.

In exchange for your service, you’ll receive the In The Market Treasure Map, which leads to a hidden chest you don’t want to miss.

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