Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case: Where To Find the Witnesses

by Vlad
August 17, 2023

Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case is the shortest and most accessible errand you can finish in the Monsalar Bastengar’s Underground region of the video game recently published by Focus Entertainment.

A Thief’s Case is a simple fetch side quest that requires you to find some witnesses and save a thief you’ve met in the game’s Prologue.

Both the quest giver and the witnesses you must approach for the Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case errand are found inside the Bastengar’s Underground citadel.

Assuming you need help with this errand or side quest, in the following Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case walkthrough, I’ll tell you how to complete it.

How To Start A Thief’s Case Quest in Atlas Fallen

A Thief’s Case is, like most errands in the Monsalar Bastengar’s Underground; available the moment you reach the large citadel, looking for Khendra.

As such, you’ll get access to it during the main quest named From Beliefs to Trust. On your way to see Khendra, you’ll need to cross the citadel’s inner courtyard, and if you look around, you’ll see a thief on a bench at the location marked on the following map.

Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case errand becomes available when you first enter the Bastengar's Underground area.

Approach the captured thief between the two guards, and he’ll tell you he is accused of stealing from the cook. Without witnesses to confirm he’s innocent, the thief’s fate is pretty much sealed.

Luckily, the thief remembers that some guards saw that he wasn’t stealing, and he wants you to find and convince them to confirm his innocence.

A Thief’s Case Witnesses Location

The witnesses you are looking for to complete the Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case errand are very close to your location.

Simply turn around, and while facing the courtyard, check the stairs on the left side. They lead to an upper area where you should see several NPCs sitting at a table.

A Thief’s Case Witnesses are found sitting at a table within the citadel.

Talk to the Drunk Knights marked above and ask them if they saw someone stealing food. They confess they didn’t see anyone because they were tipsy.

Now return to the thief and tell the guards that the witnesses didn’t see the thief stealing. Since you won’t be able to convince them, you’ll have the chance to use Morrath’s Brooch obtained during the Prologue.

Now, you have to make a choice by picking between two dialogue options:

  • Bribe with Morrath’s memento
  • I don’t want to be involved anymore

The choice you make here is not important for the game’s story or for the rewards you’ll receive. If you want to save the thief, use Morrath’s memento, and the guards will leave him alone. This option helps you complete the Atlas Fallen A Thief’s Case errand and help the thief, who might prove helpful in the future.

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