Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail: Where To Find the Missing Journal Pages

by Vlad
August 18, 2023

Valery’s Trail is another Atlas Fallen fetch quest for which you must find four missing pages of Valery’s Journal on the northern side of Bastengar’s Underground region featured in the latest action RPG game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail is similar to History of the Shattered Keep because Valery’s Missing Journal Pages are pretty hard to spot.

Furthermore, Valery’s Trail Missing Pages are, in fact, golden logs that also count as Lore Items. Assuming you need help finding them, in the following Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail walkthrough, I’ll reveal the four Missing Journal Pages locations so you can complete the side quest faster.

How To Start Valery’s Trail Quest in Atlas Fallen

Valery’s Trail is a side-quest you’ll start automatically while playing From Beliefs to Trust main quest in Bastengar’s Underground.

As you progress through the main quest, you’ll eventually reach a rather large building where you must defeat a Spiker. Once you deal with the impressive wraith, you must find hints on Valery’s whereabouts.

One of these hints is inside a chest in Valery’s research camp, at the location marked on the following map.

Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail starts automatically when you play From Beliefs to Trust main quest.

Upon opening the chest, you’ll get Valery’s Research Journal which has several missing pages. Obviously, you have to find the missing pages to complete the journal and the side quest. Let’s see where to look for them.

Where To Find the Missing Pages of Valery’s Journal in Atlas Fallen

The Atlas Fallen Missing Journal Pages are found within the search areas that appear on your map once you start the quest.

However, as you can notice in the screenshot above, these search areas are quite big, and you must consider the game’s verticality when looking for them.

Or simply put, some of these pages are also found in elevated areas such as rooftops. Here is how to get them.

After starting the quest, head to the second floor, where you’ll find a gate that allows you to exit the round building. Deal with the giant wraith that ambushes you, then when you get outside the round building, turn right.

Move east, up the hill but stay on the right side close to the round building’s exterior wall. Eventually, you’ll see a broken wall that looks like a ramp. Hop on it, then on the wooden platform to get to the top of the wall.

Now turn around (east on your radar), and you’ll spot a small tower in the distance. Behind it is the first Atlas Fallen Valery’s Journal page. To reach it, use the dash ability twice.

The first Journal Page is inside a small tower.

After you pick it up, retrace your steps back to the previous side of the wall and move towards the round building.

Hop on the wooden platform leading to the balcony, then enter the round structure. You’ll find another missing journal page on the left side of the inner balcony.

The second Missing Journal Page is on a balcony.

Head back outside after you get the previous page, but this time around, jump and dash to the roof of the small tower on the wall you explored earlier.

In the distance, on the right side, you’ll see several demolished houses. The third Missing Journal Page is on the roof of the house pictured below. You can dash three times to get there.

For the third Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail Journal Page look on the roof of a demolished house.

To get the last Atlas Fallen Valery’s Trail Journal Page from your current location, head northeast on your on-screen radar.

In the mountain wall, you’ll see a large window leading to the Old Chapel. Head inside through the window, and the moment you enter, on the left side, you’ll spot the fourth Journal Page behind a wall buried in the sand.

The last Journal Page is inside the Old Chapel.

Great job! Now that you have found all of Valery’s Trail Journal Pages in Atlas Fallen, you must return them to Khendra in the Bastengar’s Underground citadel, so head back to the War Room.

Show her Valery’s Pages, and she’ll reward you with the Helmet of Lothville Knight Cosmetic Item. Now Valery’s Trail side-quest is complete, but make sure you visit our Atlas Fallen Wiki if you don’t want to miss any of the side-quests featured in the game.

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