Atlas Fallen Forgotten Shrine: Where To Find the Offerings

August 18, 2023

Atlas Fallen Forgotten Shrine is an accessible yet easy-to-miss side-quest available in Bastengar’s Underground, and it requires you to find four offerings within a single search area.

The Forgotten Shrine side-quest focuses on your champion’s dash ability because you’ll need to navigate several large gaps and interact with specific objects to get to the four offerings.

Furthermore, some of The Forgotten Shrine Offerings are guarded by wraiths, while others require a keen eye.

Don’t worry, though, because, throughout the following Atlas Fallen Forgotten Shrine walkthrough, I’ll guide you from one Offering to another so you can complete the side quest faster.

How To Start The Forgotten Shrine Quest in Atlas Fallen

Similar to Valery’s Trail, Atlas Fallen The Forgotten Shrine side-quest starts inside the round building you’ll get to explore during the From Beliefs to Trust main quest.

After you upgrade your champion’s gauntlet and investigate Valery’s workshop while remaining on the ground floor, head to the anvil in the middle of the building and look around for a large gate you can raise.

Its location is marked on the following map, and it’s the same gate you have to lift to get to one of the Fallen Knights’ Emblems.

Atlas Fallen Forgotten Shrine starts automatically after lifting the gate in the round building.

Behind the gate, you’ll find the Depths area, which is uncharted the first time you visit Bastengar’s Underground. Now, let’s see where to find The Forgotten Shrine hint, which is also the first Offering.

Where To Find the Atlas Fallen The Forgotten Shrine Offerings

Immediately after entering the Depths, start exploring the area, and you should be able to spot a chest on the ground in a clearing (pictured below).

The first Atlas Fallen The Forgotten Shrine Offering is inside a chest.

Before getting close to the chest, which contains the first hint and Offering, you should be aware that a Shellbasher protects it. So get ready to fight the large crab-like wraith; otherwise, you won’t be able to access the chest.

Once you open it and get the first Offering, climb the ruins nearby and use the dash ability to get to the other side of the clearing.

Specifically, you need to get to the southern ruins, where you can find the second chest (also marked below). Dash three times to get to it.

The second Atlas Fallen Forgotten Shrine Offering is ion top of some ruins.

Great job! Now continue moving south and dash three times to get across the abyss and enter the Cult Site.

Follow the stairs up, and you’ll get to an altar. Make sure you allow Nyaal to examine the small book on the altar closely.

For the third Offering check the altar in the Cult site area.

Finally, from the altar pictured above, head east and descend the stairs.

At the bottom, you’ll spot a glowing patch on the sand, which, as you probably know by now, marks the location of a buried chest.

The last Offering is inside a buried chest in the Cult Site area.

Raise the chest by pressing Up on your Dpad, and open it to get the note named A Prayer To Nyaal.

This is the fourth and final Offering you need to complete the Atlas Fallen The Forgotten Shrine side-quest in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

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