Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Lore Items Locations

August 26, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Lore Items are not necessary for the main story, but assuming you are a completionist, you should find all four.

Also, you need a total of thirty Lore Items to unlock the Scholar Trophy/Achievement in the video game published by Focus Entertainment.

However, you will have to spend some serious time looking for them if you don’t carefully explore your surroundings and have to backtrack.

But don’t worry, because I will explain where to find all four Atlas Fallen Black Alms Lore Items in the guide below.

Where To Find The Black Alms Lore Items in Atlas Fallen

First, go ahead and check the following custom map because, on it, you have the locations of all four Lore Items in The Black Alms region.

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Lore Items locations map

As you can see, you are in luck because three of them are close to each other on the west side of the region.

In fact, that is the starting area of The Black Alms region, meaning you will be done with the Lore Items quicker than you thought.

To continue, I will provide additional instructions to help you reach each Lore Item as fast as possible.

Lore Item #1 (My Sister): In Front of a Pile of Wood

The first Lore Item is found in the Knight Camp on the west side of the region, in front of the pile of wood, which will be used to burn Valery’s corpse.

The Lore Item is A heartfelt goodbye from Khendra to Valery.

Lore Item #1 (My Sister) is found in front of a pile of wood

Lore Item #2 (The Final Battle): In Khendra’s Tent

For the second Lore Item in The Black Alms: Citadel region, you have to find Khendra’s tent in the southwestern part of the Knight Camp.

The Item, which is about Khendra’s reflections on the final battle ahead, is right in the tent.

Lore Item #2 (The Final Battle) is located in Khendra's tent

Lore Item #3 (A Knight’s Plight): Close to a Fire on the Edge of a Cliff

Lore Item #3 is close to a fire on the edge of the cliff in the northeastern corner of the Knight Camp.

This one is about how A Knight reflects on the situation so close to confronting Thelos.

Lore Item #3 (A Knight's Plight) can be found close to a fire on the edge of a cliff

Lore Item #4 (Apology to Valery): Near Some Trees on the Edge of a Cliff

For the last Lore Item, you will have to leave the Knight Camp and head to the coastline toward The Black Alms Watchtower on the south side of the region.

Once you reach the fourth spot marked on my map above, you will find the Lore Item near some trees on the edge of a cliff.

This time, you will learn about Arif’s reflection, apology and goodbye to Valery.

Lore Item #4 (Apology to Valery) is found near some trees on the edge of a cliff

Excellent job, Gauntlet bearer! You have collected all four Atlas Fallen The Black Alms: Citadel Lore Items. But there is plenty more to do in the region, like discovering The Black Alms Vantage Points.

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