Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Sealing Totems Locations

August 27, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Sealing Totems are somewhat tricky activities mainly because you must complete them under time pressure.

However, provided you want to achieve 100% completion in The Black Alms, you must tackle all six in the region.

Also, you must first find the starting points of these activities, which can be difficult if you don’t have a keen eye.

Therefore, make sure to check the following guide to learn where to find all six Atlas Fallen Black Alms Sealing Totems.

Where To Find The Black Alms Sealing Totems in Atlas Fallen

On the custom map below, I’ve marked the locations of Sealing Totems in The Black Alms: Citadel region; as such, it would be best if you first look over it.

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Sealing Totems locations map

Furthermore, I’ll provide additional instructions for each Sealing Totem following the same order as on the previous map.

Sealing Totem #1: By the Coastline

The first Sealing Totem activity can be completed by the coastline southeast of the Knight Camp on the west side of the region.

Once you reach the spot, you should see a green beacon that you must approach, and then you can unearth the Totem.

Sealing Totem #1 is found by the coastline

To continue, you must follow the green beam that will lead you to another Totem and so on until you get to the last.

You’ll get the confirmation you have completed the activity in the top middle of your screen.

But to get your reward after you have completed the activity, you have to follow the last beam, and you’ll get to a spot where the ground has green cracks.

Now, go near the cracks and unearth the chest that contains a cosmetic item.

Sealing Totem #2: Next to the Remains of a Stone Tower

For the second Totem, you must head east of the Knight Camp in the southwestern part of the region.

You’ll find the Totem next to the remains of a stone tower.

Repeat the steps you followed with Sealing Totem #1, and you should be fine.

But be aware that you must move really fast this time because you have a short window in which you can complete the activity once you start it.

At the end, you can unearth a chest containing an artefact.

Sealing Totem #2 can be foud next to the remains of a stone tower

Sealing Totem #3: Next to a Huge Hole in a Wall

Sealing Totem #3 will take you to the ruins in the middle of the region.

Look for the Totem next to a huge hole in a wall, as shown in the image below.

Your reward this time is a chest containing the Lucky Streak Essence Stone.

Sealing Totem #3 is located next to a huge hole in a wall

Sealing Totem #4: In Front of a Large Gate

The next Sealing Totem is mandatory if you want to get to the Swamp Village on the north side of the region.

You’ll find the Totem in front of the large gate south of the Village.

It can be tricky to complete the activity because you have to jump on different parts of the nearby tall stone wall.

Thus, try not to fall, or you’ll have to restart.

Once you finish the activity, the large gate opens, granting you access to the Swamp Village.

Sealing Totem #4 is found in front of a large gate

Sealing Totem #5: Next to a Tree

Another Sealing Totem in The Black Alms region is found next to a tree on the east side of the Swamp Village.

Get to the fifth location pinpointed on my map and complete the activity to unearth the chest that contains an artefact.

Sealing Totem #5 is located next to a tree

Sealing Totem #6: On the Edge of a Cliff

The last Sealing Totem is on the edge of a cliff on the top side of the Caves area in the northern part of the region.

To reach the Totem on the high ground, you must go through the Cave Temple on the north side of the region, defeat a bunch of dangerous Wraiths, and open two doors using the Crush ability.

The Sealing Totem itself is locked behind a red seal, which you can destroy with the Crush ability as well.

Sealing Totem #6 can be found on the edge of a cliff

You have another chest containing a cosmetic item waiting for you at the end of the activity.

Great job, friend! You’ve completed all six Atlas Fallen The Black Alms: Citadel Sealing Totems activities. Now you can turn your attention to The Black Alms Heavenly Shrines.

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