Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Heavenly Shrines Locations

August 27, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Heavenly Shrines are golden statues you must find and destroy, assuming you are a completionist and want to eventually unlock the False God Trophy/Achievement.

Also, each Heavenly Shrine or Thelos’ Altar you take down will get you Essence Dust, which is much needed for upgrades in Atlas Fallen.

The tricky part is to actually find the Shrines, which are scattered throughout the region, and to save time; it would be best if you have The Black Alms Anvils unlocked.

To continue, I’ll provide instructions to help you find and demolish all five Atlas Fallen Black Alms Heavenly Shrines.

Where To Find The Black Alms Heavenly Shrines in Atlas Fallen

First, make sure to check the map below because, on it, you have the exact locations of all six Heavenly Shrines in The Black Alms region.

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Heavenly Shrines locations map

Now, I’ll talk about each Thelos’ Altar, following the same order as the one on the map above.

Heavenly Shrine #1: On an Isolated Rock

The first Shrine is located on an isolated rock in The Prison area on the south side of the region.

To get to the Altar, jump over the broken wooden bridge.

Then, to destroy the statue and get credit for the activity, you must hit every set of glowing cracks on it once.

Note that you can climb on the remains of the nearby walls and then jump toward the statue to reach the higher-positioned cracks.

Heavenly Shrine #1 is found on an isolated rock

Heavenly Shrines #2 & 3: In Front of a Huge Wall

For the next two Heavenly Shrines in The Black Alms: Citadel, you must head to the huge wall connecting the Essence Wastes and the Swamp Ruins areas.

The Altars are positioned in front of the wall, on the side with the Essence Wastes area.

To hit the higher cracks on the statues, you must get on top of the huge wall.

So, go west, where you can climb on a part of the wall, then jump your way to the statues to get above them and drop down to hit the cracks.

To get both statues, drop to one of them, hit the cracks, then dash back to the wall and head to the second Shrine to do the same.

Heavenly Shrines #2 & 3 are found in front of a huge wall

Heavenly Shrine #4: By a Bunch of Stone Statues

Heavenly Shrine #4 is found by a bunch of stone statues on the west side of the Swamp Village in the northwestern corner of the region.

Once you get to the spot, start hitting those cracks to complete the Thelos’ Altar activity.

Use the stone statues to reach the higher cracks.

Heavenly Shrine #4 is located by a bunch of stone statues

Heavenly Shrine #5: In the Ruins Temple Area

Finally, for the last Heavenly Shrine, you must go to the Ruins Temple in the southeastern corner of the region.

Heavenly Shrine #5 is found in the Ruins Temple area

After climbing all the way up and reaching the Temple, you must jump on the cliff with one of The Black Alms Vantage Points.

The tall cliff with the Vantage Point is located west of the Temple, and to get there, you must first defeat a bunch of Wraiths, assuming this is your first time in the area.

When you finally reach the cliff with the Vantage Point, look for a Forgotten Path locked behind a red seal.

Break the seal with the Crush ability, then use the Forgotten Path to reach and demolish the last Shrine.

You’re done here, Gauntlet bearer! All five Atlas Fallen The Black Alms: Citadel Thelos’ Altars are destroyed. Now, you can focus on other activities in the region, like The Black Alms Elite Foes.

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