Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Elite Foes Locations

August 28, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Elite Foes are powerful Wraiths that you must find and defeat in order to achieve 100% completion in the fourth region of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Also for the completionists, it is good to know that if you kill all Elite Foes in Atlas Fallen, you unlock the the Slayer Trophy/Achievement.

However, the Elite Foes in The Black Alms region are very potent, but so should you because you are at the end of the game.

As such, you should check the guide below if you have any problems with Atlas Fallen Black Alms Elite Foes.

Where To Find The Black Alms Elite Foes in Atlas Fallen

To get started, make sure to look over the following custom map where I have marked the locations of all three Elite Wraiths in The Black Alms: Citadel.

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Elite Foes locations map

Furthermore, I will provide additional tips and screenshots to help you defeat each Elite Foe in the same order as the one on the map above.

Elite Foe #1 (Fiur): Next to the Watchtower

The first Elite Wraith is probably the most important because if you slay him, you also complete The Black Alms Watchtower activity and clear that annoying haze.

The Elite Foe is named Fiur, and you will find him next to the Watchtower surrounded by haze and quicksand on the south side of the region.

It can be tricky to reach, but if you use the rocks in the quicksand to get to the north side of the Watchtower, you will find your way to it.

Fiur is an Elite Colossal Wraith, which is the toughest kind. At least it can’t get any worse.

He can be dangerous from a distance and up close, but I am sure you will eventually put him down.

If not, get some more upgrades and come back stronger.

Elite Foe #1 (Fiur) is found next to the Watchtower

Elite Foe #2 (Skorchur): On a Small Island

For the second Elite Foe in the region, you must head to the small island south of the Ruins Temple in the southeastern corner of The Black Alms.

This Foe is named Skorchur and is an Elite Greater Wraith, weaker than the one before but still pretty dangerous.

Try to stay close to Skorchur because he deals a lot of damage with his ranged abilities.

The Elite Wraith can fly, which can be annoying, but try to stick on him.

Upon slaying the flying beast, you can pick up the Sacrificial Generation Essence Stone from the ground.

Elite Foe #2 (Skorchur) is located on a small island

Elite Foe #3 (Skorpur): In the Citadel Rise Area

The third and last Elite Foe, Skorpur, is located in Citadel Rise, east of the Caves area on the north side of the region.

Skorpur hits hard with his sting-like tail when you get close, so I hope your dodges will be on point.

When you finally defeat Skorpur, don’t forget to pick up the Perilous Parry Essence Stone.

Elite Foe #3 (Skorpur) is found in the Citadel Rise area

Nice fighting, Gauntlet bearer! You’ve managed to defeat all three Atlas Fallen The Black Alms: Citadel Elite Foes Wraiths. Next, you can put your mobility to the test and complete The Black Alms Forgotten Paths activities.

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