Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Forgotten Paths Locations

August 28, 2023

The Black Alms Forgotten Paths are Atlas Fallen activities that will put your mobility to the test because there will be a lot of jumping and dashing involved.

Completing Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Forgotten Paths activities will get you a Formula, cosmetic items, an artefact, and a quest item.

However, the Forgotten Paths can be challenging, and of course, you first need to find their starting points.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, I’ll provide all the instructions you need to reach all five Atlas Fallen Black Alms Forgotten Paths.

Where To Find The Black Alms Forgotten Paths in Atlas Fallen

As you can see on the map below, the Forgotten Paths are scattered all over The Black Alms: Citadel region.

Atlas Fallen The Black Alms Forgotten Paths locations map

Thus, it would be best if you have The Black Alms Anvils unlocked so you can fast travel.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that in this guide, I’ll be only covering the five Forgotten Paths that count as map markers.

To continue, I’ll talk about each Forgotten Path and aid you even further in getting to them.

Forgotten Path #1: Between Two Green Flags

The first Forgotten Path can be completed south of the Knight Camp in the southwestern corner of the region.

Once you reach the spot, look for a red device between two green flags.

Use the Crush ability on the red device to break it, then unearth the green statue from where you can start the Forgotten Path by interacting with it.

Now follow the green orb and jump from platform to platform until you reach the last one, where a chest containing Active Formula XVIII will spawn.

Forgotten Path #1 is found between two green flags

Forgotten Path #2: Next to a Small Ruin

For the second Forgotten Path, which is quite long, you must head on the south side of the region’s desert.

You can start the Forgotten Path from the green glowing spot on the ground next to a small ruin.

At the end, you can open the chest containing a cosmetic item.

Forgotten Path #2 is located next to a small ruin

Forgotten Path #3: In the Swamp Ruins Area

Forgotten Path #3 is found in the Swamp Ruins area, south of the Swamp Village on the north side of the region.

So, head to the third spot on my map, break another red seal with the Crush ability, then complete the activity to obtain a quest item from the chest at the end.

The quest item is for the Ancient Armour Errand.

Forgotten Path #3 is found in the Swamp Ruins area

Forgotten Path #4: On Top of a Wall

Another Forgotten Path can be started from on top of the wall connecting the Swamp Ruins and Swamp Village areas.

However, you must first complete one of The Black Alms Sealing Totems to open the huge gate leading to the Swamp Village.

Once in the Village, you must start climbing the wall from the east side, where it’s shorter.

On your way to the starting point of the Forgotten Path, you’ll come across one of The Black Alms Vantage Points.

This Forgotten Path, which is pretty tricky, is also locked behind a red seal you must break, then do your best to complete the activity to obtain another cosmetic item from the chest on the last platform.

Forgotten Path #4 is located on top of a wall

Forgotten Path #5: On the Edge of a Cliff

Now make your way to the Caves area on the north side of the region because the starting point of the last Forgotten Path is waiting for you on the edge of a cliff there.

While you’re going up on the platforms, a Tailwhipper Wraith might attack you, and you should do your best to ignore it.

When you reach the last platform, open the chest to get an artefact.

Forgotten Path #5 is found on the edge of a cliff

Perfect, friend! Those were some nice moves because you have completed all five Atlas Fallen The Black Alms: Citadel Forgotten Paths activities. But don’t stop here; continue exploring, and don’t hesitate to visit our Wiki Hub here if you need any help.

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