Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets: How To Get the Essence Barrels and Knight Spy’s Report

by Vlad
August 19, 2023

Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets is the first side quest you can start in The Wildlands region or the third area you’ll explore in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Tithe Road Secrets is also a bit longer than the previous Atlas Fallen side quests we have covered, mainly because it features three objectives:

  • Recover the Essence Barrels
  • Obtain the Knight Spy’s Report
  • Secure a location for the Siege Camp

While the first objective is fairly easy to complete, the Atlas Fallen Knight Spy’s Report involves a riddle you must solve, which can prove challenging; thus, you may need help with it.

Don’t worry, though, because, in the following Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets walkthrough, I’ll go over all three objectives and tell you how to complete them.

How To Start Tithe Road Secrets Quest in Atlas Fallen

The Tithe Road Secrets side quest starts the moment you enter The Wildlands area during The City of the Sun main quest.

The quest giver is a Knight Lieutenant you’ll encounter as you descend the stairs on the western side of the map. As you can see below, he is close to the gate leading to The Wildlands.

Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets is the first quest in The Wildlands area.

Talk to the Knight Lieutenant, and he’ll ask you to complete three tasks. The first one involves retrieving three volatile Essence Barrels, which are buried in the sand.

The second objective involves a spy who was supposed to keep an eye on Lithesta’s garrison but hasn’t checked in a while.

Finally, the Knight Lieutenant wants you to find a suitable location for the command tent near Lithesta. So let’s see how to finish these three tasks.

Tithe Road Secrets Essence Barrels Locations

The first objective you’ll want to focus on is finding the three Essence Barrels. Make sure you track the current quest in your journal, then open your map, and you’ll see three objective markers spread across The Wildlands.

Head southeast to the first search area, descend the hill, and move toward the desert. As you approach the first area, you should be able to spot a large clearing with several glowing spots like the one in my screenshot below.

The Tithe Road Secrets Essence Barrels are buried in the sand

To get the first Atlas Fallen Essence Barrel, you have to raise specific structures. If you paid attention to what the Knight Lieutenant told you, then you know these barrels were carried by a caravan. So finding the carts from the said caravan will lead you to the Essence Barrels.

The first cart you must pull out of the sand is marked in the screenshot above, so don’t waste time raising the other platforms in the quicksand. Focus only on the one surrounded by barrels. While standing on it, press Up on your DPad to raise it, then pick up the glowing item in the former wooden cart.

After you get the first Essence Barrel, head south and check the area behind the stone road. Here you’ll want to raise another buried cart (pictured below). Make sure you clear the site if needed.

The second Tithe Road Secrets Essence Barrel is south of Lithesta's Main Road.

After you get the third barrel, only several steps further to the south, you’ll find the third cart.

Again, clear the area of all flying Wraiths, then get close to the cart and press Up on your DPad to pull it out of the sand.

The third Essence Barrel is south of the second one.

Get the glowing item inside the cart to obtain the third Essence Barrel and complete the first Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets objective.

How To Obtain the Atlas Fallen Knight Spy’s Report

With the barrels secured, it’s time to get the Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets Knight Spy’s Report, which is the trickiest objective.

Start by finding the priest at the location marked on your map, just northeast of where you found the last barrel.

The priest in question sits outside a temple in the back. You can see him in the following screenshot.

To get the Atlas Fallen Knight Spy’s Report talk to the priest outside the temple.

Approach the priest, and she’ll ask you for a passphrase you can obtain by solving a small riddle. Basically, first, you’ll want to find three manuscripts scattered around the temple nearby. These are golden journals, and each of them comes with a text.

The passphrase you must provide to the priest contains three words, one from each manuscript. Furthermore, each manuscript refers to a knight. To find the correct word, you must count the letters in the Knight’s name. Next, you’ll need to count the words in the same manuscript, and the word you are looking for is the one that matches the number from the Knight’s name.

While this may look a bit confusing, it is actually relatively easy to solve. But first, let’s get the manuscripts.

First, head inside the temple in front of the priest. Now look around for the following manuscripts:

  • Psalm 01: The Leader – On the left side, when you enter the temple, in front of a praying shrine
  • Psalm 02: The Sister – On the right side, as you enter the temple, in front of a small shelf
  • Psalm 03: The Prodigal – On the other side of the temple, on the right side, as you face the exit

Now that you got the three manuscripts access them in your inventory, and let’s try to solve the Knight Spy’s Report riddle.

Tithe Road Secrets Knight Spy’s Report Puzzle Solution

The manuscripts you picked up refer to some of the characters in the video game. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, read each note, but finding the correct answer will be pretty hard if you rush through the game.

The answers are as follows.

  1. Psalm 01: The Leader Puzzle Solution – The first manuscript refers to a female leader. This riddle is quite easy to figure out because the only leader you’ve met is Khendra. If you count the letters in Khendra’s name, you can notice that there are 7 of them. Now, count the words in the manuscript, and the seventh is Best. So the first word of the passphrase is Best.
  2. Psalm 02: The Sister Puzzle Solution – The second Knight Spy’s Report manuscript refers to another female character, who was a scholar, and the sister of the leader. Kendra’s sister is Valery, and her name is formed by six letters. Count the words in the manuscript to find out that the sixth is Knight. Obviously, Knight is the second word of the passphrase.
  3. Psalm 03: The Prodigal Puzzle Solution – The last manuscript refers to a male NPC with a beard, and the only one that fits the description is Arif. His name is formed by four letters, and if you count the words in the manuscript, you’ll find out that the last passphrase word is Ever.

Now that you solved the Atlas Fallen Knight Spy’s Report puzzle and know how to figure it out, head back to the priest, and she’ll ask for the passphrase.

The Tithe Road Secrets Knight Spy’s Report Puzzle Solution is Best Knight Ever.

The words you have to pick are Best Knight Ever.

Great job! Now that you got the Knight Spy’s Report in Atlas Fallen, it’s time to complete the last objective.

Where To Find the Siege Camp Location

The location of the Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets Siege Camp you have to mark can be found further southeast from where you found the priest.

Specifically close to the main gates leading to Lithesta. So, travel to the third blue marker on your map, and you’ll find an area where you’ll get ambushed by Wraiths. Make sure you deal with all of them, then look around to spot a wooden pole in the sand (pictured below).

Raise the wooden spike to mark the location of the Siege Camp.

Press Up on your DPad when next to it so you can raise a platform marking the location of the future siege camp.

Great job! Now, as you can guess, you must return to the Knight Lieutenant and report that all objectives have been completed. Obviously, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your hard work, and the Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets quest now ends.

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