Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items Locations

August 20, 2023

Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items are Atlas Fallen collectibles that you have to find if you want to learn more about the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Of course, Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items are not mandatory for finishing the main story, but they complement it.

In Bastengar’s Underground region, there are twenty Lore Items, some of them being pretty well hidden, which means you need help if you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for them.

As such, make sure to check the guide below to learn where to find all twenty Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items.

Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items Locations Map in Atlas Fallen

Before I start, you should look over the following Bastengar’s Underground custom map, where I’ve pinpointed the locations of all twenty Lore Items.

0 - GameClubz

Keep in mind that for some of the collectibles, you need to unlock the third air dash by upgrading your Gauntlet, which can be done while progressing through the main story.

Furthermore, for the last three Lore Items on my map, you must actually reach the next region, The Wildlands, and complete a side-quest.

Also, as you can see, the Lore Items are scattered throughout the region, and it would be best if you first unlock all Bastengar’s Underground Anvils so you can fast travel and not waste time running around.

Where To Find Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items in Atlas Fallen

To continue, I’ll talk about each Lore Item in the next table list.

Note that I’ll be following the same order as the one on the map above, and I suggest you do the same.

Item #Lore Item Name:Where To Find:
1.Entry One: The royal familyNext to a target in the courtyard of the Knight’s Fortress on the south side of the region.
2.Entry Two: War of the GodsAbove a bookcase in the room under the cooking area of the Knight’s Fortress.
3.Entry Three: A gruesome GodNear some damaged bookcases in the War Room of the Knight’s Fortress.
4.LeadershipNext to the big map in the middle of the War Room.
5.Khendra’s letter to her sisterIn front of some barrels in the corridor leading to the Prison of Bastengar.
6. Tracker and the KnightsUp on a wooden platform just outside the Knight’s Fortress.
7.Arif’s past role: First PartIn the exact same spot as Lore Item #6.
8.Arif’s past role: Second PartFor the next Lore Item, jump on the wall above collectible #7, head forward, and when you reach the edge, jump on the wall northwest. Lore Item #8 is in the corner at the location marked on the map above.
9.Bucket ListIn a cell in the Prison of Bastengar. Be careful not to drop all the way down because the Prison of Bastengar is high in the mountain.
10.Valery’s research JournalIn front of some barrels next to a tent.
11.Valery of Bastengar in Lothville: Another OneOn the roof of a house near the broken bridge on the north side of the region.
12.Valery of Bastengar in Lothville: Second GodOn the wall of a ruin in the northeastern part of the region.
13.Valery of Bastengar in Lothville: GauntletOn a balcony on the last floor of the Royal Palace in the northwestern part of the region.
14.Valery of Bastengar in Lothville: SoleaOn the sand in the Old Chapel on the northeastern side of the region. To enter the Chapel, you must go through the broken window on the ground level.
15.A prayer to NyaalIn a chest on the sand in the Depths area. To reach this area, you have to complete one of Bastengar’s Underground Sealing Totems, which is available in the Royal Palace.
16.A prayer to NyaalOn the edge of a broken bridge, also in the Depths area.
17.A prayer to NyaalUpon obtaining Lore Item #16, head southeast to reach the Cult Site area. For the next collectible, you have to unearth and open a chest at the location marked on my map.
18.Queen’s Diary Entry: RoleIn The Wildlands region while completing The Queens Passage side-quest, which will take you back to Bastengar’s Underground.
19.Queen’s Diary Entry: Valery of BastengarIn The Queens Passage side-quest.
20.Queen’s Diary Entry: Second GodWhile playing The Queens Passage side-quest.

Well done, friend! These were all twenty Atlas Fallen Bastengar’s Underground Lore Items, but for more helpful guides, don’t hesitate to head to our Wiki Hub here.

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