Atlas Fallen A New Home: Where To Find the Watchtowers

by Vlad
August 20, 2023

Atlas Fallen A New Home is a rather long side-quest you can start early in the third act of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, but to complete it, you’ll have to progress the main story and deal with two watchtowers in The Wildlands region.

Even though the Atlas Fallen A New Home side quest may look accessible, the watchtowers you must take down are guarded by elite Wraiths, meaning that your champion has to be strong enough to deal with the monsters.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to reach the said watchtowers without a unique ability, and throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you what you must do to complete A New Home quest in Atlas Fallen.

How To Start A New Home Quest in Atlas Fallen

A New Home is a side quest that becomes available early, meaning you’ll meet the quest-giver when you get close to the gates of Lithesta, the large town in The Wildlands area.

This objective is part of The City of The Sun main quest, and when you get close to Lithesta’s main gate, you’ll see a lot of NPCs trying to reach the city. Since the gate is blocked, they are stationed outside Lithesta.

To start the quest, look around to spot a female peasant near a campfire. You should be able to find her at the location I have marked below.

Atlas Fallen A New Home starts when you talk to the female NPC in front of Lithesta's main gate.

While listening to the discussion between the NPCs, you’ll find out that some refugees took shelter in a cave, and they might be in danger. So, the first objective of A New Home quest is to find them.

Where To Find the Refugees

After starting the quest, open your map, and you’ll see a new objective marker southeast of your current location.

Head to the marker and activate all Anvils you encounter, including the Scout Outpost Anvil, marked on my map below.

The refugees are found southeast of the Scout Outpost Anvil

After activating the Anvil above, make sure you replenish your champion’s health, and while standing next to the Anvil, look southeast to spot a small cave.

The cave pictured in the following screenshot is where you’ll find the refugees.

The refugees are inside a cave southeast of the Scout Outpost Anvil

Head to the cave I have marked for you and check the upper side for a new NPC names Staid.

Staid tells you that the refugees can’t leave the cave because of a flying Wraith you must deal with. The Wraith is a Tailwhipper, and you’ll find it just outside the cave.

Make sure you defeat the Tailwhipper before returning to Staid, who tells you that you must clear the path toward the mining village for the villagers to leave the cave. This path, unfortunately, is guarded by two watchtowers, so now you’ll receive two new objectives:

  • Take down the central Watchtower
  • Take down the mining village Watchtower

If you don’t see these two objectives, it means that you must progress the main quest. Specifically, you must advance until you complete A Bridge From The Past main quest. The said quest allows you to use the Forgotten Paths, which are required to get to the watchtowers you have to take down.

So, postpone the Atlas Fallen A New Home side quest for now and focus on advancing the story.

How To Take Down the Atlas Fallen Central Watchtower

Once you finish A Bridge From The Past, you can continue A New Home side quest and deal with the two watchtowers.

To get to the central Watchtower, you must activate the Forgotten Path, east of the quest marker, at the location you can see on my map.

The Atlas Fallen Central Watchtower is reached through the eastern Forgotten Path.

The Forgotten Path sits on top of a round tower you can reach by raising a wooden ramp.

Activate the Forgotten Path, then follow the platforms that appear to reach the upper plateau where the Watchtower awaits.

As you know by now, to take down an Atlas Fallen Watchtower, you must defeat the Elite Wraith protecting it.

In this case, you must defeat Fractur, a Wraith that hits pretty hard. After dealing with it, head back to the ground to find the next Watchtower.

How To Take Down the Mining Village Watchtower

For the Mining Village Watchtower, you’ll want to head southwest towards the Forgotten Path you see on my map.

The Mining Village Watchtower is reached using the only Forgotten Path nearby

You’ll find the Forgotten Path inside some ruins near a large ravine. Activate it, follow the platform to the plateau, and head towards the large tower.

Here you’ll have to deal with Dromur. After you defeat the elite Wraith, you’ll be automatically transferred to the mining village you just saved. From here, use the Mining Village Anvil to fast-travel to the Scout Outpost and head back to Staid inside the small cave.

Tell him that the path to the mining village is clear and the Atlas Fallen A New Home quest is complete.

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