Atlas Fallen The Imprisoned Priest: Where To Find the Mentor’s Cell Key

by Vlad
August 20, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Imprisoned Priest is by far the trickiest quest in Monsalar The Wildlands region of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, and one of the easiest to miss.

Atlas Fallen Imprisoned Priest side quest is triggered by finding a Lore Item or a note about a priest who fell from grace and was imprisoned in one of the priest estates.

Your objective is to find and free the priest; however, to do this, you’ll need to get the Mentor’s Cell Key, which is not an easy task.

As such, if you wonder where to find the Atlas Fallen Mentor’s Cell Key and how to free the Imprisoned Priest, I’ll walk you through all objectives in the following guide.

This side quest also allows you to unlock The Mentor achievement/trophy on Xbox and PlayStation.

How To Start The Imprisoned Priest Quest in Atlas Fallen

To start The Imprisoned Priest Atlas Fallen side quest, first, you’ll need to find one of the 61 Monsalar The Wildlands Lore Items inside the temple north of the Spider Rock Anvil. Specifically at the location marked on my map below.

Atlas Fallen The Imprisoned Priest starts when you find the Lore Item in the temple north of Spider Rock Anvil.

The Lore Item is a log, or a Journal if you want, that is easy to miss.

After reaching the temple I marked above, loot everything inside the side room (pictured below).

Get the Lore Item found in the side chamber.

The Fallen from Grace Lore Item talks about Murshid, a priest imprisoned long ago. By picking it up, you’ll start the Atlas Fallen The Imprisoned Priest quest and your first objective is to find the said cleric.

Atlas Fallen Imprisoned Priest Location

Finding the priest is not difficult; however, releasing him is a different story. So now that you started the side quest, make sure you track it in your journal, then open your map, and you’ll see a new objective marker northeast of your current location and Lithesta.

Look for the Imprisoned Priest northeast of Lithesta.

Head to the location on the map above, and you’ll find another temple on top of a hill. But as you are about to find out, a guard will stop you from getting inside.

Talk to the guard, and he’ll tell you that you are not allowed to enter unless you are a priest. Or pay 500 Tributes. Bribing the guard, in this case, is the fastest way to get inside. If you don’t have the required amount of Tribute, consider selling some of the Artifacts you have found at any merchant.

Now, get inside the prison and look around, and in a cell, you’ll see the Deviant Priest below.

The priest is inside a cell.

Talk to the priest to unlock The Mentor trophy/achievement, and he’ll tell you that he was Morrath’s mentor, but he failed to turn him into a different man.

The priest abruptly interrupts his story and asks you to free him if you want to know more. This means that you need the priest’s cell key.

Where To Find The Atlas Fallen Mentor’s Cell Key

To get The Imprisoned Priest Mentor’s Cell Key quest item, you’ll have to do some investigations. Start by talking to Armath, the NPC, in front of the priest’s cell. When approaching him, you have two dialogue options:

  • Give me the key to the cell. Now.
  • Could you give me the key to the cell?

Obviously, Armath refuses, but the first option provides a hint from Nyaal. He suggests you persuade Armath and force him to give you the key.

But you have no leverage, so you must find something to force Armath to hand over the Mentor’s Cell Key. How about some Compromising Documents that explain what happened to the missing guard?

To get the documents and the Atlas Fallen Mentor’s Cell Key from Armath, head outside through the gate nearby and descend the stairs to reach the temple’s graveyard.

Here, you’ll find a Lore Item and a buried chest you can retrieve while standing near the glowing patch of sand. But there is a third secret inside the graveyard, and you’ll find it at the location marked below.

The Atlas Fallen Mentor's Cell Key is in the graveyard.

What you have to do is place yourself near the spot above and press Up on your DPad to raise the coffin of the missing guard. Alongside his corpse, you’ll also find some Compromising Documents which offer you the leverage you need to obtain the Mentor’s Key.

Head back to Armath and ask him again to give you the key, outlining that you have found the truth about the missing guard.

Once you contain the Prison Key, head back to the Deviant Priest and hand them over so he can exit his cell. Now he’ll finish his story, and you’ll obtain the Iron Mask Cosmetic Item; however, it is recommended not to leave the area just yet, because another prisoner needs your help.

He is the thief you have helped in Bastengar’s Underground area, and he needs your help to bury a piece of evidence.

So consider starting the Two Can Keep a Secret Errand after you finish Atlas Fallen The Imprisoned Priest quest.

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