Atlas Fallen What Was Left Behind: Where To Find the Man’s Daughter’s Belongings

by Vlad
August 22, 2023

What Was Left Behind is a tragic Errand featured in Atlas Fallen, which involves finding the remains of a young girl killed by the Wraiths.

In the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, Atlas Fallen What Was Left Behind can be started in the third region you’ll explore looking for Thelos. This Errand can also prove challenging to complete if you don’t know where to look for the Man’s Daughter’s Belongings or how to reach the search area that appears on your map.

So, if you wonder where to find the Atlas Fallen Man’s Daughter’s Belongings to finish the What Was Left Behind quest, in the following guide, I’ll tell you what you have to do.

How To Start What Was Left Behind Errand in Atlas Fallen

To be able to play What Was Left Behind, you have to visit the Hunter’s Camp at the location marked on my map below.

Atlas Fallen What Was Left Behind starts at the Hunter's Camp in The Wildlands region.

At this camp, you’ll meet a Hunter Scout sitting in front of his tent. When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he was hunting alongside his daughter when they got attacked by some Wraiths.

Unfortunately, his daughter was killed, but he wants you to bring him back her belongings. Let’s see where you find them.

Atlas Fallen Man’s Daughter’s Belongings Location

After you start the Errand, you’ll want to focus on the main story and A Bridge From The Past main quest. Basically, you’ll have to find the 3 Reveal Shards and upgrade your gauntlet so you can use the Forbidden Paths.

That’s because the quest item you are looking for sits on the upper plateau where the Central Watchtower is found. To reach the plateau, you must use the Forbidden Path southeast of the Watchtower (also marked in the following screenshot).

The Atlas Fallen Man's Daughter's Belongings sit on the upper plateau near the Central Watchtower.

This Forbidden Path is found on top of a ruined tower you can climb using a ramp you can raise.

Activate the Forbbiden Path, then use the platforms that spawn to get to the upper area. Head through the tunnel and start moving up the hill.

Several steps away from the Central Watchtower Anvil, you should be able to see the ruins of another tower.

Go around the ruins, and on the ground, close to the tower’s stone wall, you’ll spot a glowing item on the ground.

The Atlas Fallen What Was Left Behind Man's Daughter's Belongings quest item is a Drawing found near the ruins of a tower.

This is the Child’s Drawing or the Man’s Daughter’s Belongings you are looking for. Make sure you don’t miss it on your way to the Watchtower.

Now that you got the What Was Left Behind Man’s Daughter’s Belongings, feel free to use the Anvil nearby to get back to the Hunter and return the drawing.

By completing this Errand, you’ll receive Tributes and Essence Dust, which you can spend to improve your champion’s gear.

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