Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Elite Foes Locations

August 24, 2023

Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Elite Foes are pretty potent enemies you’ll have to defeat if you are aiming for 100% completion in the third region of the video game.

Keep in mind that to unlock the Slayer Trophy/Achievement, you need to defeat all Elite Foes in Atlas Fallen.

But finding the powerful enemies can be tricky, and you might need a little help with some of them.

Thus, don’t hesitate to check the guide below to learn where to find all six Atlas Fallen Wildlands Elite Foes.

Where To Find The Wildlands Elite Foes in Atlas Fallen

First, you should look over the following map, where I’ve pinpointed the Elite Foes’ locations.

Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Elite Foes locations map

However, just the locations map might not be enough, so I’ll provide additional instructions for each Elite Wraith in The Wildlands region.

Elite Foe #1 (Dromur): Next to the Southern Watchtower

The first Elire Foe, or Dromur, must be slayed to clear one of The Wildlands Watchtowers, the south one, to be more precise.

To reach him, you must get to the Southern Watchtower area by using a Forgotten Path.

The Forgotten Path is right under the said Watchtower.

When you get to Dromur, who waits just next to the Watchtower, the battle begins.

Dromur is an Elite Greater Wraith and can cause you problems, as one of his abilities is to clone himself.

But if you dodge his attacks and hit him when it’s safe, you should be golden.

Elite Foe #1 (Dromur) is found next to the Southern Watchtower

Elite Foe #2 (Echur): In a Crater

Elite Foe #2, or Echur, is located in a crater in the Southern Crater area on the south side of the region and will only spawn if you start the Hunter or Hunted side-quest.

Be careful while fighting Echur, who is an Elite Greater Wraith, because he hits hard and clones himself as well.

You need to slay him for the side-quest, and I’m sure you will eventually.

Elite Foe #2 (Echur) can be found In a crater

Elite Foe #3 (Fractur): Righ Near the Central Watchtower

If you defeat the third Elite Foe, Fractur, you clear the central Watchtower.

Fractur is right near the tower in the Wildland’s Watchtower area, which you can reach with the help of a Forgotten Path.

The Forgotten Path is located on a stone pillar southeast of the Watchtower.

Once you’re done climbing, it’s time to fight Fractur, who is an Elite Colossal Wraith.

Fractur is very aggressive and will be in your face constantly.

Also, just like the previous two Elite Foes, he can create clones.

Elite Foe #3 (Fractur) is located righ near the central Watchtower

Elite Foe #4 (Orbitur): North of Nyaal’s Prison

For the fourth Elite Foe in The Wildlands, you must head to the southeastern corner of the region, north of Nyaal’s Prison.

The powerful foe is named Orbitur, and he is only an Elite Lesser Wraith.

He is weaker than the previous three, but don’t underestimate him because he has powerful ranged attacks and good mobility to keep you at a distance.

Also, you know it already, he can clone himself.

Elite Foe #4 (Orbitur) is found north of Nyaal's Prison

Elite Foe #5 (Veilur): Southwest of Lithesta City

The fifth Elite Foe, or Veilur, is located southwest of Lithesta City, as shown on the map above.

Veilur is an Elite Lesser Wraith who can cloak himself and teleport.

However you can still see him pretty well, but he is quite annoying because of his teleporting.

Elite Foe #5 (Veilur) is located southwest of Lithesta City

Elite Foe #6 (Novur): Right Next to the Northern Watchtower

The last Elite Wraith is named Novur, and if you defeat him, you clear the Northern Watchtower.

As such, he is located right next to the Northern Watchtower in the area with the same name on the north side of the region.

Even though Novur is an Elite Lesser Wraith, he is really annoying because he has a shield that makes him immune periodically.

Also, he will summon a Scatterer to aid him.

Elite Foe #6 (Novur) is found right next to the Northern Watchtower

These were all six Atlas Fallen The Wildlands Elite Foes, and you’ll defeat all of them with patience and perseverance. Then, you can start completing other activities, like The Wildlands Sealing Totems.

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