Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted: Where To Find the Young One Abandoned Camp

by Vlad
August 22, 2023

Hunter or Hunted is one of the shortest Atlas Fallen side-quests in Monsalar The Wildlands region you’ll get to explore on your way to find Thelos, the antagonist in the latest video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

While short, the Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted side-quest involves a bit of exploration as well as a boss fight against an Elite Wraith.

The Hunter or Hunted quest also comes with a very important reward you don’t want to miss—specifically, The Southern Sands Treasure Map.

But to get your hands on the said map, you’ll have to find an Abandoned Camp and eventually solve the mystery surrounding a young hunter named Young One.

In case you encounter difficulties completing these objectives, don’t worry because, as usual, I’ll guide you to both locations in the following Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted walkthrough.

How To Start the Hunter or Hunted Quest in Atlas Fallen

The Hunter or Hunted side-quest is triggered by talking to the Head Huntress in the Hunter Camp. You’ll find her at the location marked on my map below.

Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted starts at the Hunter Camp.

If the Head Huntress isn’t available for you, consider progressing the main story, and return to the camp during The City of the Sun main quest.

When you approach the Head Huntress, she’ll tell you that her team was driven out of their previous camp after being attacked by the Wraiths. All hunters escaped except for the youngest one.

The Head Huntress wants you to track him down and find out what happened to him. Here is what you need to do next.

Where To Find the Abandoned Hunter Camp

After talking to the Head Huntress, open your map, and while tracking the quest, check the southern side of the map.

You should be able to see an objective marker at the edge of a large crater (pictured below).

To find the Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted Abandoned Camp head south toward the large crater marked on your map.

When you get close to the marker, make sure you remain on the ground and approach the edge of the crater.

The camp you are looking for is in the large crater; however, before jumping inside the crater, make sure you are ready to face Echur, an Elite Wraith that will attack the moment you step inside the large hole.

Defeating Echur is mandatory for completing the quest and obtaining the next objective.

Hunter or Hunted Young One Location

Once you deal with the large Wraith, you’ll be asked to find the Young One or the hunter that didn’t manage to escape the camp.

You’ll find the Young One behind a large rock close to the western side of the large crater. Make sure you look for his burning torch.

The Young One is found behind a large rock.

After you find the young hunter, you’ll need to interact with his corpse and decide what to do with it. Thus you’ll have to make a choice:

  • Loot the corpse
  • Bury the corpse

At this point, you have to know that the Head Huntress won’t ask you if you looted the corpse or not, so the best choice here is to get the extra Tributes and the Essence Dust and put them to good use. If you decide to bury the corpse, they are lost for good.

Finally, now you’ll have to report to the Head Huntress or the hunter leader at the camp where you first met her.

For completing the Atlas Fallen Hunter or Hunted side quest, you’ll unlock the Dispelling Blast ability and receive The Southern Sands Treasure Map leading to a hidden chest.

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