Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch: Which Pool Belongs To Obi’s Crush

April 22, 2023

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch is the only lost and found quest available in the Beverly Hills District, in which you’ll have to follow a trail of clues left behind to open a lockbox and grab a unique weapon.

Although these clues aren’t marked on the map and may be difficult to find, we will provide you with information that will make the search easier.

So, follow our in-depth guide to learn where to find all the clues and how to open Obi’s Things lockbox in Dead Island 2.

The Clean And The Snatch Quest Starting Location

The Clean And The Snatch becomes available once you reach the Beverly Hills Region during the O Michael, Where Art Thou? main quest, where you start looking for Michael.

Unfortunately, you will not find Michael at his home, but you’ll follow a lead to Jessie Kwon’s house, which is next to Michael’s.

After you fix the front gate and shut the back gate to avoid getting swarmed by zombies, you can easily pick Journal Note #1: A Parting Gift from the top of a lockbox in the nearby pool called Obi’s Things, which requires Obi’s Keys to open.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Starting Location

Picking the journal mentioned above note from the pool will automatically start The Clean And The Snatch lost and found quest in Dead Island 2.

How To Follow The Paper Trail Around The Pools Of Beverly Hills

Following the paper trail around Beverly Hills pools will give hints about where you can find Obi with his keys.

Since we’ve found the first journal note, you’ll have to find three more around the pools of Beverly Hills to progress The Clean And The Snatch quest.

Check the map below for the exact location of each journal note.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Clues Locations

If you need additional help finding these journal notes, follow our instructions below.

Journal Note #2: Dave’s Phone

The second journal note can be found in the eastern part of Beverly Hills on a sunbed by the pool.

To enter the yard, climb the white van near the tall fence and jump over.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Journal Location

Journal Note #3: Note From Michael

For the third journal note, return to Michael’s house in the central north of Beverly Hills, and look inside the empty pool.

Watch out for the Burning Walkers charging on you from the pool.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Journal Location

Journal Note #4: Obi’s Phone

The fourth and final journal note is located on the side of the toxic pool of the biggest mansion in the center of Beverly Hills.

Two deadly Crushers guard the pool. So, follow the railing near the pool and quickly snatch the journal beside the corpse.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Journal Location

Which Pool Belongs To Obi’s Crush

Now that you’ve collected all four journal notes, you’ll have to travel to Bel-Air District and reach the Goat Pen Villa on Alpine Drive in the southwest corner of the map.

This is the same place where you helped Amanda entertain her followers during the #Clickbait side quest.

Enter the Goat Pen Villa, get to the pool area with sunbeds, and look for a black zombie called Obi The Pool Guy wearing a yellow shirt and short blue pants. Kill him and grab the Obi’s Keys off the ground.

Dead Island 2 The Clean And The Snatch Obi's Crush Pool

Now that you have Obi’s Keys return to the lockbox in Beverly Hills, where you’ve picked the first journal note and The Clean And The Snatch quest started.

If you can’t remember the location, check the first map at the begging of this guide and look for the #1 location.

Use Obi’s Keys to open Obi’s Things and to receive the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword, a unique and one of the best early-game weapons, and 2000 XP.

And that’s how you complete The Clean And The Snatch in Dead Island 2.

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