Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party: How To Restore Power To Curtis’ Residence

April 21, 2023

Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party is the first side quest you’ll receive in the Bel-Air District, in which you’ll help one of Emma’s neighbors, Curtis Sinclair, clear his residence of zombies.

If you decide to help Curtis’, you’ll find a few treasures inside his residence, which will help you fight against the horde of zombies.

As such, follow this in-depth Dead Island 2 guide to learn how to begin The Death Of The Party side quest and help Curtis recover his home from the dead.

How To Start The Death Of The Party Side Quest In Dead Island 2

After you leave Emma’s residence during the Call The Cavalry main quest to tell the authorities you’re immune, you’ll hear a cry for help from an intercom near a house entrance on Alpine Drive.

Shortly after, a prompt message will appear on the screen, letting you know you can start The Death Of The Party side quest.

To begin The Death Of The Party quest in Dead Island 2, approach the nearby intercom and talk to Curtis, who will let you inside the residence.

Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party Side Quest Location

After finishing speaking with Curtis, he will open the gate for you. Follow the path up to reach the garage with a lot of zombies around, which you’ll have to deal with.

As you try to open the metal door of his garage, you’ll notice that you’re missing Curtis’ Garage Key. Check our guide to learn where to find Curtis’ Garage Key and grab all the good stuff inside.

Then, follow the quest marker to Curtis’ front door with zombies around and kill all of them. Once you’re done, speak with him, who is on the mansion’s balcony.

How To Restore Power To Curtis’ Residence

After talking to Curtis, turn to your left, proceed to the rear left corner of the gardens, and go down the stairs to reach a small technical room where you must restore the power.

As soon as you open the door, you’ll be ambushed by a zombie, so be prepared.

After killing it, enter the room, aim at the blue pipe near the cut electric cable by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz, and throw a weapon by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz to break the pipe and restore the power.

Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party Restore Power To Curtis' Residence

Alternatively, you can grab the Water Jerrycan outside the technical room and pour water between the two electric cables to restore the power.

Return to Curtis, who’s on the balcony, and report your success. After speaking with Curtis, proceed to the left leading to the residence’s rear, and enter through the back door while killing any zombies you see.

Once you’re inside, Curtis will tell you from the top of a broken staircase how he plans to use his stairlift to go downstairs. Then, press the nearby switch to power up the stairlift.

Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party Switch

While waiting for Curtis to reach downstairs, defeat all coming waves of zombies.

Once he finishes the ride with the stairlift and reaches downstairs, Curtis will lead you into the living room.

Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party Rewards

After he sits down on the chair, speak with him to finish The Death Of The Party side quest in Dead Island 2 and to receive Curtis’s House Keys and Lightweight Golf Club as a reward for your help.

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