Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma: Where To Find The Back Gate Code

by Vlad
April 21, 2023

Dead Island 2 Back Gate Code is required to exit the Mansion; you get to explore while playing the Desperately Seeking Emma story quest or the second main quest in the latest video game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Unlike the Mansion Gate you have to open at the beginning of the quest, the Back Gate Code is a bit trickier because you’ll have to closely investigate a search area, looking for a specific piece of paper that also counts as a collectible.

This means that even if you know the Back Gate Code, which is 1975, you won’t be able to exit the Mansion unless you find said collectible or the Journal Page. So, let’s see where to find the Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma Back Gate Code.

Desperately Seeking Emma Back Gate Code Location

Once you thoroughly explore the large Mansion in Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma, if you follow the objective marker on your screen, you will eventually reach the backyard of the Mansion, where you’ll be prompted to check a small gate (pictured below).

Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma Back Gate Code

The gate opens the path towards Emma Jaunt you met earlier, meaning that it’s mandatory to find the code that allows you to escape the Mansion.

As such, the first thing you’ll have to do upon finding the gate pictured above is to interact with the Security Keypad by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz while standing close to it.

When you interact with the Keypad, you’ll retrieve the Note On Back Gate, one of the two Journal Collectibles you must find for this quest.

Now open the Game Menu, navigate to Collectibles, then choose Journals.

In the Quests Tab, select Desperately Seeking Emma, followed by the Note On Back Gate Journal to read the following message:

“I fixed your gate so it locks again. Should be sage now. I had to change the code, so I wrote the new number down and put it in the kitchen. Any more problems, I’m just next door. Be careful!”


How To Open The Back Gate In Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma

The Note On Back Gate provides the location of the Security Kepad Code. Specifically the kitchen.

So from your current location, turn around while facing the gate, then enter the first door on the right side of the ground floor.

Cross the living room, and you’ll enter the kitchen, which is your search area. While there are several clues you can find in the kitchen, if you want to save time, pick the note on the fridge with wooden doors (pictured below).

You should be able to find it on the left side as you enter the kitchen.

Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma Back Gate Code Location

After you pick up the Back Gate Code Journal, which also counts as a collectible, return to the gate and interact with the Keypad again. You don’t have to type the code, but you must collect the note marked above; otherwise, the gate won’t open.

And that’s it! Now that you know how to open the Mansion Back Gate, follow the objective marker and pay Emma Jaunt a visit.

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