Diablo IV An Errant Flock: How To Defend the Refugees

July 28, 2023

An Errant Flock is a Diablo 4 escort quest, the first in the Acts of Atonement questline, which can be finished in Act 6 to complete a Challenge.

Diablo 4 An Errant Flock also counts as one of the 44 Kehjistan side-quests, all required to achieve 100% completion in the desert region.

In the Errant Flock side-quest, you must help a mysterious armed man who is getting a group of refugees out of Caldeum.

As such, don’t hesitate to check the following walkthrough to ensure you complete D4 An Errant Flock as fast as possible.

How To Start An Errant Flock Quest in Diablo 4

In order to play An Erran Flock, you have to first reach Act 6 and complete the What Lies Ahead main-quest.

When you are good to go, you need to make your way to the Southern Expanse on the south side of the Caldeum area in the Kehjistan region, where you’ll find an NPC named The Traveler.

The quest giver is located in the Southern Expanse on the south side of the Caldeum area

The NPC is also the quest giver, and to quickly find him, you can look over the D4 map below.

Diablo 4 An Errant Flock becomes available after completing the What Lies Ahead main-quest in Act 6

While talking to The Traveler, you learn that he was helping some people to escape Caldeum.

But they were split up because some monsters attacked them, and now they can use your aid to regroup.

How To Defend the Refugees in Diablo 4

After your conversation with The Traveler ends, the group will start moving, and you must stick with them while slaying any foe that endangers them.

If you get lost from the group, just look for the blue marker on your minimap and follow it.

They will stop when they find another member of their group down the road.

To continue, you must speak with The Traveler again, who is concerned about the well-being of the refugees he gave his word to protect.

The problem is that you’ll get rudely interrupted by more creatures, and you must help The Traveler defeat them, of course.

Now make sure you don’t miss a single mob that is marked with a red dot on the minimap, and then go speak with NPC once more.

Slay all the mobs marked with red dots on the minimap

No time to relax because the group is on the move again, and you must accompany them.

Soon they will stop because it looks like the danger has passed, and when you talk to The Traveler, he will thank you.

Also, the NPC introduces himself; his name is Edgar, and he says that if you pass through Gea Kul by any chance, you can find him at the tavern because he owes you a drink, but now he must get the people to shelter.

Excellent done, friend! You’ve helped the refugees flee Caldeum and completed Diablo 4 Errant Flock quest. However, you can now go find Edgar to take him up on that drink and start the Acts of Atonement side-quest.

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