Diablo IV Guardians of the Pit: Where To Find the Skeletons

July 6, 2023

Diablo 4 Guardians of the Pit is an Act 4 kill quest you need to finish if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the Kehjistan region.

In the Guardians of Pit side-quest, you must defeat an Elite enemy for Heddam because his men are too afraid to do it.

However, the Elite must be drawn out, and that will require you to kill a bunch of mobs; hence, this quest is all about slaying.

As such, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll provide all the instructions you need to easily complete D4 Guardians of the Pit, which counts as one of the 44 Kehjistan side-quests.

How To Start Guardians of the Pit Quest in Diablo 4

To make the Guardians Pit side-quest available, all you have to do is get to Act 4 and the Kehjistan region, then head to the Iron Wolves Encampment in the Ragged Coastline area and find Heddam, the quest giver.

On the map below, we’ve marked the NPC’s exact location, just in case you can’t find him on your own.

Diablo 4 Guardians of the Pit side-quest becomes available from the start of Act 4

As you can see, there is a Waypoint in the encampment you can use to fast travel, assuming you’ve already been here in the past and unlocked it.

Now ask Heddam if there is any trouble, and he will tell you that his men can’t kill a big ugly skeleton in the Tar Pits.

No worries because you’re always up for a challenge, and you accept the job.

But to draw out the Elite enemy, you must slay quite a lot of skeletons.

Where To Find the Skeletons in Diablo 4

Upon finishing your conversation with Heddam, you can open your map to see a search area north of the Iron Wolves Encampment.

To be more precise, the search area covers the Tar Pits on the south side of the Amber Sands area.

The Tar Pits are located on the south side of the Amber Sands area

Luckily, the area is filled with a lot of skeletons, which get marked with red dots on the minimap when you get close enough, making them even easier to spot.

Considering that the skeletons are pretty easy to take down, you’ll be done with the objective quickly.

Then you need to slay the Champion of the Tar Pits Elite enemy, which will spawn at the location marked with a blue waypoint on your map, just like in the next screenshot.

The map location of the Champion of the Tar Pits Elite enemy

The Elite enemy can give you a hard time, but if you dodge his abilities and attack when it’s safe, we’re sure you’ll eventually be victorious.

Slay the Champion of the Tar Pits

With the Champion taken out of the picture, you can return to Heldam to give him the good news.

The NPC will be pleased and will reward you with Renown points, XP, Gold, and a Cache.

Great job, Nephalem! You’ve managed to complete Diablo 4 Guardians of Pit and can now focus on other side-quests, like Strange Remedies, available in the Iron Wolves Encampment as well.

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