Diablo IV Remnants: Where To Find the Crumpled Note

June 21, 2023

Remnants is one of the secret Kehjistan quests in Diablo 4, in which you’ll have to track down an NPC called Hader.

Before you can search for Hader, you’ll have to locate and collect the Crumpled Note quest item to start the quest.

But this quest item can only be found when searching Tortured Prisoners in a specific dungeon of Kehjistan.

Therefore, in the following Diablo IV, we will cover everything you need to know about where to find the Crumpled Note and how to complete the Remnants side quest.

How To Start the Remnants Quest in Diablo 4

The Remnants side quest in Diablo IV becomes available after you’ve finished the main story campaign, including the Epilogue.

In order to start the quest, you’ll have to find and collect the Crumpled Note quest item in the Kehjistan region.

You can get the Crumpled Note when searching the Tortured Prisoners in the Prison of Caldeum dungeon. We’ve marked the exact location of the dungeon on the map below.

Prison of Caldeum in Diablo 4

You may be aware that the dungeons in Diablo 4 are randomly generated, meaning that it will be up to you to find and search the Tortured Prisoners until they drop the Crumpled Note.

Check the image below for a visual reference of how Tortured Prisoners look like.

Remnants Crumpled Note in Diablo 4

How To Complete the Remnants Quest in Diablo IV

After you’ve picked up the Crumpled Note quest item, you’ll have to search for Hader in the marked area of Caldeum.

It is not mandatory to finish the dungeon to progress the Remnants quest.

Once you exit the Prison of Caldeum, head north into the marked area and interact with the Blocked Passageway.

Then, interact with the three piles of rubble highlighted on the map to find an alternative entrance to where Hader fled.

Hideout Entrace to Hader

Enter the Hideout Entrance and destroy the blockage by casting basic attacks, then speak with Hader.

When you tell Hader that both of you are being pursued by the Cathedral and that you found his note, he realizes that Jazem never received the note and fears that he might be dead.

But suddenly, the Knights Penitents break in the middle of the conversation. Defeat all of them, and speak again with Hader.

Diablo 4 Knights Penitent

Hader expresses deep dissatisfaction with the state of Caldeum, describing it as a once livable city now overrun by the Knights.

Hader reveals that everyone, including his friend Jazem, is now gone. Despite feeling the need to mourn, he shares that he needs to leave this place quickly, ending the D4 Remnants quest.

As a reward for protecting him from the Knights Penitent, you will receive XP, Gold, an Ore Cache, and 20 Renown Points for the Kehjistan region.

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Additionally, our Diablo 4 Wiki Hub Page offers a plethora of side quest guides for the other regions as well.

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