Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild: How To Enter

Written by Alexandru Popescu
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January 30, 2023

If you want to obtain the Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild Archive Entry reward, you need to find a way inside the tower.

Also, checking this landmark off your list will get you a step closer to completing 100% of the Golden Hills area.

However, there are plenty of other landmarks you must clear in the Golden Hills area, like the Monument To Justice, covered in this guide.

But in the following guide, we’ll be focusing only on the Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild because obtaining the Archive Entry from this tower can get complicated.

Where To Find The Golden Hills Carbo Guild

First, you’ll need the location of the landmark; then, you can concern yourself about how to get inside the Carbo Guild tower.

Hence, you should check the Forspoken map below, where we’ve pinpointed the landmark.

Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild Location

As you can see, you have to make your way to the western border of the Avoalet region.

Although, even if the tower is located in the Golden Hills area of the Avoalet region, you have to approach it from the west, from the Visoria region.

That is because you have to reach the higher ground and jump on the roof of the Carbo Guild tower. This can only be done from the Visoria region.

The following zoomed-in map will show you in more detail the tower’s location and where exactly you must position yourself.

Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild Tower Where To Find

How To Enter Golden Hills Carbo Guild

Note that getting on the higher ground above the tower may be difficult if you don’t carefully explore the Visoria region.

But we can help you out with the exact route so you can save some time.

As such, go to Visoria Castle: Main Gate first and then through the southern gate, but don’t forget to place a marker on your map on the destination, the Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild.

Next, you must travel quite a distance to reach the landmark, as shown on the next map.

Forspoken How To Enter Golden Hills Carbo Guild Tower

On the map above, Visoria Castle: Main Gate is marked by the left arrow and the tower by the arrow to the right.

Once you’re through the southern gate, follow the road until you reach a small stone bridge over a river. Then follow the river upstream.

You’ll soon be able to see a Belfry fast travel point which you can activate because you may want to return here faster another time.

From the Belfry, head east for 2 km to the Golden Hills Carbo Guild tower, which should be marked on your map from before.

It’s a long distance to cover, but it will be straightforward because there will be no real obstacles, and you can just ignore the enemies you encounter.

Therefore, head east in a straight line, and after the 2 km, you’ll reach a gap with the tower at the bottom, like in the following screenshot.

Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild Landmark Location

From here, you have to perform a simple parkour jump to the top of the tower, and if you want to make it even easier, use the Float ability by holding the X button on your PlayStation controller while in midair.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this spell, you should check our guide on how to unlock the Float skill in Forspoken.

Upon looting everything on the top of the tower, jump on the balcony on the western wall, the one marked in the image above.

If you miss the balcony, don’t worry, you don’t have to get all the way up again.

Just face the west and use the Zip ability by pressing the square button while aiming at the rock with golden veins coming out of the mountain wall to get on the same level as the balcony.

From here, you can jump toward the tower and use the Zip spell again to grapple your way onto the balcony.

To check out the Forspoken Golden Hills Carbo Guild landmark off your list, enter the tower through the hole next to the balcony and gather all the items inside as well.

That’s it, friend! But if you have a better way to reach the top of the tower, make sure to let us know in the comment section.

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