Forspoken The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow: How To Enter

by Vlad
January 31, 2023

Forspoken Forbidden Meadow is one of the landmarks you can find while exploring the Harvest Lands area of Junoon in the dangerous land of Athia.

The small garden is full of different plants, including the rare Fluteblossom and a chest containing a cape that once belonged to Tanta Cinta.

However, the Forbidden Meadow is hidden inside a castle that seems inaccessible because the main door is locked, and there is no way of climbing on the walls.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to enter the Forspoken Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow castle, you should check our guide below.

Where To Find The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow

First, you must travel to The Harvest Lands, which are located in the Junoon region, as you can see on the following map.

Forspoken The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow Location

Once you reach the location shown above, you will see a fort with huge walls, like in the Forspoken zoomed-in map below.

Forspoken The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow How To Enter

How To Enter The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow

To be able to enter the fort and clear this Forspoken landmark, you first have to go 130 meters south to the Altar of Aasaan, a location with straight lines of pillars, as shown in the following picture.

Forspoken The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow How To Find

When you reach the Altar of Aasaan, you will notice that the screen will get darker, meaning that dangerous Nightmare enemies are ready to fight you.

After you test your skills and kill all your enemies, you will get a stat increase of Magic+1.

Also, you will notice that a portal will appear behind a chest on the top of the Altar of Aasaan’s stairs.

How To Enter Forspoken The Harvest Lands Forbidden Meadow

Now you must go and enter the portal, and after a short scene, you will find yourself inside the Forspoken Harvest Lands The Forbidden Meadow fort.

Before you open the chest to get the powerful Incomparable cape, don’t forget to loot the numerous rare plants you can find around the garden.

You can now open the locked door of the fort and go outside to continue exploring the beautiful but cruel land of Athia in the videogame published by Square Enix.

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