One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator: Where To Find 10 Deluck Brothers

Written by Vlad Susanu
January 15, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator is one of the trickiest Side Stories you can complete after defeating the Crocodile because it requires you to find 10 Deluck Brothers, which spawn only during the night.

The Night Exterminator Side Story in One Piece Odyssey is otherwise relatively short and doesn’t require you to travel too much, but it is also the first quest that involves changing the time of the day.

Therefore if you wonder where to find the ten Deluck Brothers in One Piece Odyssey and how to complete the Night Exterminator, the walkthrough below will guide you through this Side Quest.

How To Start The Night Exterminator Side Quest

The Night Exterminator One Piece Odyssey quest becomes available after you deal with the Crocodile at the end of Chapter 2.

To access it, follow the main objectives, and you will eventually return to Alabasta and the Great Sandy Desert Area looking for the Crab Mover.

At this point, you should be able to start the Night Exterminator quest by visiting the Sandy Oasis, where you can talk to a Girl Waiting for Her Father, Mitt.

You’ll find her at the location marked on the map below, on the left side of the bridge leading to the campsite.

One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator Walkthrough

After talking to the Girl, you’ll learn that the Deluck Brothers are blue Scorpions bigger than the regular ones. For this quest, your rewards are:

  • 500 Berries
  • Mitt’s Ring

The problem with these enemies, however, is that they only spawn during the night, so it goes without saying that you need to know how to change the time of the day. Let’s see where to find the blue scorpions.

Where To Find Deluck Brothers In The Oasis

Immediately after you accept to help the Girl in Sandy Oasis, make sure you check the time of the day.

If the moon is up, head south from the Oasis, looking for some giant scorpions similar to the one marked in the following screenshot.

One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator Guide

By attacking one of the blue Scorpions, you’ll get the chance to engage a pack of at least 3, which means that to complete the quest, you’ll have to fight at least 3 Deluck Brothers roaming around the southern Sandy Oasis area.

However, things can get tricky if the sun is up when you start the quest because you need to know how to change the time of the day in One Piece Odyssey.

To switch from day to night, you have to rest, and this option is available at the camp in Sandy Oasis.

Approach the campfire, then throw a party. Next, leave the camp, and you’ll be asked how long you would like to rest. Pick Until Night, as you can see in the following screenshot.

One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator Deluck Brothers Locations

And that’s it! Now you can head south during the night looking for the blue scorpions like the one pictured above.

Complete at least three battles against the Deluck Brothers, then return to the Oasis and claim your rewards.

If by any chance you run out of enemies before completing the required objective, consider returning to the camp and rest until the next night. This way, all mobs in the area will respawn, and you’ll have more scorpions to hunt.

After you finish the One Piece Odyssey Night Exterminator side quest, make sure you follow our Wiki Hub here for more side stories, tricks, and tips.

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