One Piece Odyssey Ravine Of No Return: How To Cross The Desert Near Nanohana

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January 14, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Desert Near Nanohana is an area you need to cross for the main quest in the video game developed by ILCA.

The problem is that to cross the desert; you’ll have to find your way through the Ravine Of No Return maze, which will go a lot more smoothly if you first complete the Hungry Navi Bird side quest.

That is because if you complete the said quest, you’ll be guided through the maze by a pink bird.

And if the bird is not enough or you want to cross the Desert Near Nanohana without completing the Hungry Navi Bird quest, you can follow our guide below to learn the correct route you need to take in the One Piece Odyssey Ravine Of No Return.

Where To Find The Ravine Of No Return In The Desert Near Nanohana

The Desert Near Nanohana is west of the town, so head in that direction, and you’ll find yourself in the Desolate Valley.

Here you must take the northern path and enter the cave you’ll soon come across.

One Piece Odyssey How To Cross Desert Near Nanohana

Continue north through the cave but make sure you first save the game at the nearby Save Point so you can proceed with no worries.

Once you exit the cave, you’ll be in the Ravine Of No Return, where, as you can see, the map won’t be of much assistance.

However, the feathered animal on the big stone statue in the middle will help you out, that is, if you’ve completed the Hungry Navi Bird side quest, as mentioned above.

One Piece Odyssey How To Cross Ravine Of No Return Maze

So, let’s see what is the correct route through this One Piece Odyssey maze.

How To Cross The Maze In Desert Near Nanohana

The first path you must choose is the one to the east, where you can see a cart on a railway.

You’ll also be guided in the same direction by the Navi Bird.

After some distance, you’ll encounter some enemies who you can kill if you want the experience, and the Orb Onion they are dancing around.

Continue on the linear path, and you’ll reach another area with multiple exits. The correct one is to the north, as the Navi Bird also indicates.

Now at the next area where the path splits up, go to the north again.

You’ll soon reach an area with a lot of grass and a tree. Here you have to go on the path to the west. If you don’t believe us, then believe the pink bird; what can go wrong?

Hang in there; you’ll reach the end of the One Piece Odyssey Ravine Of No Return maze in no time.

Upon reaching the area with the purple crystals and another stone statue, go north.

You should almost immediately be able to see the sky, meaning you are on the right track.

The linear path will take you to a Save Point, where you should definitely save your progress because there is a big boss fight coming up next.

One Piece Odyssey How To Find Desert Near Nanohana

Now take the eastern path, and you’ll reach an open area where you have to fight two Sandora Dragons or two huge purple lizards if you prefer; name them as you please.

After finally defeating the two bosses, proceed north to enter the Great Sandy Desert area.

Nicely done, pirate! You’ve crossed the Desert Near Nanohana in One Piece Odyssey. It wasn’t that bad, was it?

If you need help, feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here for more guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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