One Piece Odyssey Hungry Navi Bird: Where To Find Desert Nuts

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January 13, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts are items mandatory to complete the Hungry Navi Bird quest of the video game developed by ILCA.

Hungry Navi Bird is a side story, but I recommend you complete it before attempting to cross the desert near Nanohana, or you’ll have a hard time doing so.

You’ll need a total of 10 Desert Nuts for the side quest; however, there are more than 10 of these items scattered around Nanohana, making it a little easier to find them.

So, if you want to quickly gather 10 Desert Nuts and easily complete the One Piece Odyssey Hungry Navi Bird side story, make sure you check the following guide.

How To Start The Hungry Navi Bird Quest In One Piece Odyssey

You’ll need to visit 2 NPCs in order to start the Hungry Navi Bird side quest.

First, head to the desert west of Nanohana, where the main quest takes you to the Desolate Valley.

On the north side of this area, you’ll have to enter a cavern leading to the Ravine of No Return.

One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts Locations

In the said cavern, you’ll find a traveler who you can talk to, look for the man with a bird on his head.

One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts Where To Find

He will tell you that if you want to proceed, you’ll need a Navi Bird to guide you, just like the pink feathered animal on his head.

Now, the NPC will not loan you his bird, but he tells you that you can find another one in Nanohana.

Then, the video game will ask you if you want to go back to Nanohana, and you should choose: Yeah.

After you spawn, look for the Navi Bird on the left side a couple of meters forward. It sits on a stick under two palm trees.

If you’re thinking that you should have approached the bird earlier when passing through this area, don’t worry about the missed opportunity because you first need to speak with the NPC in the cave.

It seems that the Navi Bird is willing to help you if you feed her, so to continue, you need to collect 10 Desert Nuts.

Desert Nuts Locations

To get the quest items, you first need to select Usopp by pressing the Left or Right button on the D-Pad of your Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Then, you need to find the plants, which look like bird nests and shoot at them with Usopp’s slingshot. And, of course, collect the Desert Nuts, which drop down from the bird nets.

To aim the slingshot, you have to hold LT, and then, to fire it, you have to press RT.

Now let’s see where exactly you can find these bird nests by checking the map below.

One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts Locations Map

And, of course, we’ll continue with further instructions for each One Piece Odyssey Desert Nut.

Desert Nuts #1&2: Above Some Barrels & Above A Brown Sign

After talking to the Navi Bird and actually starting the side quest, head east.

Once in the city, take the first alley to the right, and you should soon reach a cart near some palm trees on the left side.

Immediately after passing the cart, look to your left, and you should see Desert Nut #1 above some barrels

And the second Desert Nut is above a brown sign, also to the left, in the same area.

So, switch to Usopp and shoot at the two nests to get the Desert Nuts down.

One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts How To Get

Desert Nut #3: Between A Palm Tree And A Small Balcony

Upon obtaining the previous two quest items, get out of the alley and return to the main road.

Now head east, and keep your eyes on the right side for the third bird nest.

You’ll see it between a palm tree and a small balcony, like in the next screenshot.

One Piece Odyssey Bird Nests Locations

Desert Nut #4: Near A Big Gate

Continue east from Desert Nut #3, and you’ll find yourself in the plaza.

The fourth Hungry Navi Bird Desert Nut is located in the northwestern corner of the plaza, as shown on the map above.

Look for the quest item near a big gate.

One Piece Odyssey Bird Nests Where To Find

Desert Nut #5: Near A Lamp

Now go east on the small alley near the gate with the previous quest item, and once you reach the next location marked on our map, you’ll see the bird nest near a lamp.

The lamp is on the wall to the left of another big gate.

Where To Find One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts

Desert Nuts #6&7: Next To A Black Sign & Next To A Small Balcony

The next two Desert Nuts can be found at the beginning of Eastern Highway (the road east of the plaza); check the map above for the exact location.

Once in the right spot, look for the two Hungry Navi Bird quest items on the wall of the building to the left.

One bird nest can be found next to a black sign, and the other next to a small balcony.

How To Get One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts

Desert Nuts #8&9: Above A Lamp & On A Ledge

For Desert Nuts #8&9, you have to proceed on the Eastern Highway until you reach another cart on the left side.

One Desert Nut can be found if you shoot at the bird nest above the lamp before the cart.

And the second, if you shoot at the bird nest on the ledge of the building next to the cart.

How To Get 10 One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts

Desert Nut #10: On The Wall Of A Purple Building

The last mandatory Desert Nut is found a couple of meters east of the previous quest items.

All you have to do is shoot at the bird nest on the wall of the purple building on the right side.

Where To Find 10 One Piece Odyssey Desert Nuts

As you can see, you have a bonus bird nest near the big gate in the same area. So you don’t have to go back in case you missed one quest item.

Now that you have at least 10 Desert Nuts, all you have to do is return to the pink feathered animal and talk to it to complete the Hungry Navi Bird side story in One Piece Odyssey.

With help from your new friend, the Navi Bird, you’ll easily cross the Desert Near Nanohana, and if you need additional instructions, don’t forget to check our guide here.

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