One Piece Odyssey A Prisoner’s Desire: Where To Find The Repair Materials

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January 19, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Prisoner’s Desire is a fetch quest available in the Marineford City Area, but it has a heartwarming story, showing that not all pirates are black-hearted criminals.

Well, during the Prisoner’s Desire side story, you’ll help Fugitive Jude, a pirate who escaped Impel Down and was left behind by his crew, repair his boat and escape from the city.

But to fix Jude’s boat, you’ll have to collect repair materials around the Marineford City Area, which will require building a bridge with Franky and spending a lot of time exploring.

Therefore, follow this guide to learn where to find repair materials and complete the Prisoner’s Desire side quest in One Piece Odyssey as quickly as possible.

How To Start Prisoner’s Desire Side Story In One Piece Odyssey

After you finish the main story, speak to Lim to enter the Strange Place and travel to the Marineford Memoria to reach the city.

On the left side of the road in the Town Outskirts is a big guy wearing glasses and a striped vest known as Fugitive Jude.

One Piece Odyssey A Prisoner's Desire Side Story Location

Talk to him and accept his request to begin the Prisoner’s Desire side story.

Where To Collect Repair Materials In A Prisoner’s Desire Side Quest

To repair his gateway boat, you’ll have to collect the following repair materials first: nails and ship lumber.

Both repair materials can be obtained by talking to the right NPCs in the town.

But, to enter the town, you’ll have to build a bridge with Franky to go across the water, which will require the following materials:

  • 2 Wootz Steel Bolt
  • 10 Junk
One Piece Odyssey Prisoner's Desire Marineford Bridge

Wootz Steel Bolts can only be found in the crates and wooden barrels around the quest giver, Fugitive Jude.

The first Wootz Steel Bolt is in the crate near the Save Point, and the other is immediately after you cross the short stone bridge into Crumbled Ground area behind a bush on the left.

Junk is a very common material that can be found nearly everywhere. If you don’t have enough to build the bridge, check the two remaining wooden crates and barrels in the Town Outskirts area.

After you build the bridge, go to the western part of the Marineford City Area and talk to the Nail-Gathering Craftsman to obtain the nails free of charge.

You can learn his location on the map below.

One Piece Odyssey A Prisoner's Desire Nails Location

To obtain the ship lumber, head to the southernmost part of the city and speak to the Wood-Gathering Craftsman.

You’ll also receive them at the end of the conversation for free. It seems to lie is an efficient way to receive stuff for free, isn’t it?

One Piece Odyssey A Prisoner's Desire Ship Lumber Location

Return to the quest giver location, Fugitive Jude, and deliver the repair materials.

Where To Find Sailcloth In Prisoner’s Desire Quest

For the second part of the side story, you’ll have to find and deliver one more repair material, a sailcloth.

To collect the sailcloth, go to the marked location in the image below and talk to the tall skinny guy, the Former Marine Shop Owner.

One Piece Odyssey A Prisoner's Desire Sail Cloth Location

But you’ll have to give him a good beating before you can get the sailcloth. After the fight, you’ll also find out why Jude’s crew left him behind.

Return to the Fugitive Jude and bring him the sailcloth to complete the Prisoner’s Desire side story in the video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and to receive the following items:

  • 1 Prisoner’s Ring
  • 126,000 Berries

If you want to complete more side stories in the Marineford City Area or other locations, visit our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here for additional help.

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