One Piece Odyssey Taken By Tontattas: Where To Find The Tontattas

January 19, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Taken By Tontattas is one of the less entertaining side stories, where you have to talk to a bunch of NPCs to finish it.

Therefore, during the Taken By Tontattas side quest, you’ll help a little girl named Dahlia to recover her Keepsake Ribbon from the Tontattas.

Since Tontattas are little dwarves, you will only find them hiding behind or inside objects.

So, in the following guide, we will explain where to find all Tontattas to get back the Keepsake Ribbon and to complete the side story in One Piece Odyssey.

How To Start Taken By Tontattas Side Quest In One Piece Odyssey

To start the Taken By Tontattas quest, finish the main story and return to Dressrosa City Area.

Then, open the map, fast-travel to the Square, At Fountain or Coliseum Path Yoisa Travel sign, and reach the marked location.

You’ll find a child named Dahlia wearing a pink dress near a damaged fruit stall.

one piece odyssey taken by tontattas side story map location - GameClubz

Talk to Ribbon Searcher Dahlia to accept the Taken By Tontattas side story.

Where To Find Tontattas In One Piece Odyssey

Once you finish the conversation with her, you’ll find out that the Tontattas have taken the Keepsake Ribbon from her.

On the custom map below, we’ve marked the location of each Tontatta and in which order you have to talk to them.

one piece odyssey taken by tontattas locations - GameClubz

Also, below you’ll find all the information you need to find all the Tontattas.

Tontatta Location 1: Behind Ribbon Searcher Dahlia

The first Tontatta can be found behind the quest giver, Dahlia, in the nearby foliage. Get close to the fence and press the interaction button to talk to him.

This Tontatta doesn’t have the Keepsake Ribbon but points you to another location.

one piece odyssey taken by tontattas first location - GameClubz

Tontatta Location 2: The Crates Behind A Wooden Wagon

The second Tontatta can be found inside the crates behind the wooden wagon in front of the Coliseum.

Press the interaction button to talk to him. Neither this Tontatta has the ribbon, but he will give you hints on the final location.

one piece odyssey taken by tontattas second location - GameClubz

Tontatta Location 3: The Bench Near Bookstore

The last Tontatta can be found hiding behind the bench near the bookstore, the red brick building.

The bookstore is an important landmark because here you will find the autographed paper for Ellio during the My Dearest Violet side story and learn how to grow mystery seeds for the God Usopp 2 side story.

one piece odyssey taken by tontattas third location - GameClubz

After you talk to the Tontatta, you’ll obtain the Keepsake Ribbon.

Return to Dahlia and give her the good news to complete the Taken By Tontattas side story and to receive the following items:

  • 1 Toy Ring
  • 3 Nami’s Cube Fragments
  • 500 Berries

Since this quest wasn’t as exciting, feel free to check our Wiki Hub here to find and complete more challenging side stories.

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